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Home: 3429 34th Place, N.W. Office: Project Earning Power
Washington, D.C. 20016 1826 Jefferson Place, N.W.
363-8554 (202) Washington, D.C. 20036

| | | . 296-4433 (202)



* Program analysis, evaluation and devel opment
* Writing: analyses and programs

* General management and administration

_* Youth leadership

* Fluent Spanish, fair French

Areas of Experience

* National and international government agencies
* Community development, urban and rural
Youth involvement in contemporary probl ems
‘« International relations and |aw
« Latin America


‘ present —° PRESIDENT, Project Earning Power, a national, non-profit corporation
| - with headquarters in Washington. The Corporation's first president
fs and officer. Responsibility for planning and administering a national
program to assist severely handicapped workers in sheltered workshops |
to raise their earnings. The job involves:

* Securing and administering government contracts and grants.

* Directing, evaluating and supporting national organization with
offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

* Coordinating and directing professional (designers, businessmen,
etc.) volunteers, consultants, national organizations such as
the Women's Committee of the President's Committee on Employment
of the Handicapped, the National Association of Sheltered Work-
shops, the Industrial Design Society of America.

* Total reorganization of all phases of the Corporation, stressing
establishment of clear goals and clear lines of authority, and
streamlined organi zation.

- 1967- |

1966 ADMINISTRATOR, Mid-Atlantic Region, VISTA, Washington, D.C. The "domestic

peace corps'', a program of volunteers working in the war on poverty.
Responsible for establishing and directing the Mid-Atlantic office when
VISTA was first regionalized,

* Selected and supervised staff of 28, regarded as best regional staff.
* Planned, administered, evaluated and supervised programs and training
involving 750 voluneeeks in seven states and the District of

’ Columbia.


* Coordinated progicws with OEO0 offices, state and local agencies,
and project ‘sponsors.

* Programs wore predominantly in urban and rural ‘conmdntiey devel op-
ment and mental health; stressed institution building in
programming, i.e., assigning volunteers to institutions which
would thereby be aided most in becoming self-sufficient.


eS ee

1964 ° DEPUTY DIRECTOR, Peace Corps/Peru, in Lima, Peru. Volunteers work in
development programs in: urban and rural community development; coops,
and small industry development; education.

* Shared responsibility with Director for planning and administering
programs for over 400 volunteers.
* Coordinated and worked with participating Peruvian agencies and
U.S. Overseas Mission officials.
* Shared responsibility with Director for seven regional offices
and ten associate directors, plus three Peruvian technical
i, % Emphasized: building self-sufficient Peruvian institutions;
establishing clear program priorities reflecting Peruvian needs;
matching volunteers with appropriate jobs; maintaining open
communications with volunteers and staff.

1964—- |

' 1962 ‘EVALUATOR, Peace Corps/Washington. Evaluation Division reviewed for |
Director all aspects of Peace Corps, including selection and training
of volunteers, program planning and operation overseas.

* Prepared written reports for Peace Corps Director and Division
- Heads on all aspects of Peace Corps country programs; and
| reports on all aspects of Peace Corps training programs.
* Visited and studied intensively Peace Corps programs in countries
, in Latin America, and 3 countries in East Asia and Africa,
interviewing Peace Corps, AID, Embassy and host national
‘officials and Peace Corps volunteers.
* Stressed: comparison of stated program goals with actual per-
i formance; aptness of program goals; nately volunteers with
; appropriate jobs.
1962- |
1960 . COMMITTEE COUNSEL, Special Committee on World Peace Through Law of the
Committee was engaged in ‘%

American Bar Association, Washington, D.C.
preparing and directing four regional international conferences to

Pronets developmentl of international law.
* Prepared draft conference working papers on problems and a
of international law; special committee reports; conference |
agendas and budgets; correspondence for participating lawyers
here and abroad. |
* Responsible for advance preparation on site and administration of
conferences in Costa Rica, Nigeria, Italy and Japan with local

public and private officials.

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