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Military History:


- 1939-1942



9/15/50 to Present

1950-1952 \

1952-1956 |


Michael K. Ray « Retired Major

Date of Birth: 12/22/22

Weight: 155 Pounds

Height: 5' 6"

Marital Status: Married = 5 children
Bratt. Status: 3BeA

Infantry © Highest gradt Ist. Sgt.

Infantry - Adj. Gen. Corp. Highest grade Major
Retired June 30, 1967

American Institute of Banking
Los Angeles, California
Accounting and Principals of Banking

Belnont High School
Los Angeles, California

Adj. Gen. Officers Career Course
Ft. Harrison, Indiana

ins 2 LO? 3 L a dec YPSe5 1 Personne
Durins period of 1952 to 1967, ttended courses in Personnel
Managenent, Civilien end Military Purchasing and Contracting
Special Services Courses in oneretion of Recreation Aress

to include fecilities such es Golf courses, Bowling Lanes,
Service Clubs, Thesters, Crafts Club aud Snack Bar Operation.

' Public Relation Courses.

Education ecual to epproximately three years college.

United States Arery
Officer = Primary duties: Chief of Special Servic
and Division Level. ;

Company Commander

Ascistant Special Services Officer and Custodian of Ceatr
Post Fund. ;

Duties: Had complete respousibility for the contractiag
and surchisins of all recreation supplies and materials,
food and beverage for soldiers club, snack bars etc.
Contracting Officer for new construction and rch2bdilitation
plus furniture and fixtures. Handling all vhases to
avardinz of contract. Supervised constructioa of 18 hole
golf course, Pro shop and Clu> House. Staffed and
suvervised operation of Club House, Cocktail Lounge, end

-Dining Reon. Arransonents for all. private parties up to &

maxirun of 250 was handled under my direct sunervisioa.
Organlzcd Hollyvood Live Shows whieh Jneluded loenl talent,
Bob [opo, Bing Crosby, Jack Benny end Lou Costello.
Proviced transportation, Motel and Hotel acconodations.

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