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AUGUST 13, 1969

The Grant Review Board of the City of Atlanta met Wednesday, August 13, 1969,
at 10:00 a.m. to discuss the Request for Proposal from the U.S. Department of

Housing and Urban Development for participation in the Urban Information
2 evelopment 101
System project. The following persons were present at the meeting:

Members Dan Sweat, Chairman
Collier Gladin, Planning Director
Jay Fountain, Deputy Director of Finance

John Watson, Planner
Raymond Fleming, UrbanCorps Intern
Kenneth Gregor, Urban Observatory Coordinator

Mr. Watson explained that the RFP invites proposals for the research and devel-
opment of a comprehensive, integrated municipal information system or sub-
system. This is an experiment to learn whether or not a prototype can be

developed and successfully operated as a relatively standardized system which
can be transferred to other municipalities with a minimum of alterations,

It is the intention of HUD to select one city in the population range 50,000 to
500,000 to award a $2.5 million grant for the development of a comprehensive

system and several cities will be chosen to receive lesser grants for development
of individual sub-systems.

A detailed summary of RFP 2-70 is attached.

After much discussion, the Grant Review Board recommends the following:

That the City of Atlanta make application for the $2.5 million comprehensive
system grant, provided the Mayor and Board of Aldermen commit adequate
resources and assign high priority for the project.

That the responsibility for preparation-of the Grant application be lodged
with the Data Processing Review Committee under the following conditions:

(a) That the Data Processing Review Committee be expanded to include
qualified representatives from each city department, the School
Department and the Administrative Staff of the Mayor and Board of
Aldermen and that an executive committee composed of those best

Grant Review Board Minutes
Page 2
August 13, 1969

qualified representatives of departments most affected by this
project be chosen to guide development of the application. The
project director for application development be recommended by
this group and will report to it.

(b) That this committee report to a joint committee of the Aldermanic
Finance Committee and the Planning and Development Committee.

That the committee take immediate steps to accept proposals from
interested software consulting firms and recommend a software
firm to the Joint Aldermanic Committee.

That the committee establish immediate communications with the
Urban Observatory through the City's Urban Observatory Coordinator
to determine the interest of the Urban Observatory in participating
in the Urban Information System project,
The Grant Revi
City to obtain considerable federal assistance in developing an information
system and that maximum effort should be put forth in an attempt to be selected
as the comprehensive system city.

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Respectfully submitted,



Dan Sweat

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