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July 28 , 1969
Charles L . Davis
From :
George Berry ~
Urban C orps
I met with Sam Willi ms and Inmond Deen of the Urban Corps this morning to
!review their financial status . It appears that we are pretty well on budget
for the time being. This, however, depends upon the success we have in
billing the colleges and univer ities for their participation under the College
Work Study Program. As of yet, we have not submitted our first bills to them
but a I understand it, they are on your desk for signature as of now. W should
know within the next two weeks if w
re operating ~ithin the budget that was
approved on June 19, 1969.
One of the item discussed was the propo ed $9, 000 contribution that was to
be contributed by Atlanta University from the proceed of the city gr nt to
th m. I dvised Sam that 1 would talk with you concerning this and if it wa
your de ire, I would follow up nd see what could be don to consummat thi
tr n ction.

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