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To: Sam Williams, Director, Atlanta Urban Corps

From: Inmond L. Deen, Jr., Director of Finance,
Atlanta Urban Corps

Re: Departmental Report

Date: July 16, 1969


After repeated efforts to resolve the unusually perplexing situation surround-
ing compensation for VISTA volunteers assigned through the Southern Regionai
Education Board to the City of Atlanta, Atlanta Urban Corps, little has been
accomplished. Responsibilities, however, have been defined, to wit:
A. VISTA volunteers will receive bi-weekly supplements from the

City of Atlanta, Atlanta Urban Corps in amounts determinable

by multiplying the total number of compensable hours worked

by each intern during the preceding pay period by either .07, .47,

or .77, depending upon the individuals educational level.

B. Volt Technical Corporation, a subsidiary of Volt Information
Sciences, Inc., 795 Peachtree Street, N.E., Suite 630, Atlanta,
Georgia, a private corporation under contract with VISTA to
provide administrative and logistical financial support, will
disperse on a weekly basis the VISTA share of VISTA volunteers


C. The City of Atlanta, Atlanta Urban Corps supplement plus the
VISTA share will closely approximate that received by all other
interns of a comparable educational level.

D. Carol Lim, Volt Technical Corporation, phone 876-6354, has
been designated as the representative of her company to handle
inquiries from VISTA Volunteers assigned to the Urban Corps
regarding compensation from VISTA,


The procedure outlined in section II of this Department's initial report, dated
July 2, 1969, regarding College-Work Study Program guidelines is proving

The book keeping system outlined in Section III of this Department's initial
report is now in operation and is relatively efficient. Improvement is needed

in this area. As a bare minimum the following is necessary:

A. Working space (available for payroll auditors)
B. Freedom from unnecessary interruptions and confusion


Mr. W. Walton Clarke, First National Bank of Atlanta, was talked with on
July 10, 1969. He agreed on behalf of the First National Bank to donate
One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) to the City of Atlanta, Atlanta Urban

Mr. Charles S. Marvin, A.T.&T., was talked with on July 9, 1969.

Mr. Marvin indicated an interest on the part of A.T.&T. to make a dona-
tion to the Urban Corps. He suggested that I call his immediate supervisor,
Mr. Tom Koneig, on July 14, 1969, and arrange a conference. Mr. Koneig
was ill. However, his secretary set up a conference for July 22, 1969 at
10:00 A.M.

Mr. Plemon Whatley (Junior at Harvard) , employed by A.T.&T. and
assigned to E,O.A., was talked with on or about July 1, 1969, and has
reported to Mr. Marvin that he feels the Urban Corps is deserving ofa

A.T.&T.'s offices in Atlanta are located at Room 1831, The Hartford


In general, Finance has been plagued by senseless mistakes, inadequate
secretarial support, and troublesome inefficiency.

At this time the addition of Dianne Wilson to this Department in a some-
what elusive position is not, in my opinion, justifiable either in cost to
the Urban Corps cr in increased efficiency.

The above mentioned recommendation, if followed, will provide the
needed space mentioned in Section III], A, above and will eliminate the
need for close supervision and will, to some extent, provide relief from
unnecessary confusion and inefficiency.

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