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To: Sam Williams, Director, Atlanta Urban Corps
From: Inmond L o De e n, J r., Dir e ctor of Finance,
A tla nta Urban Corps
Re: D e p artme ntal R e port
Date: July 16, 1969
After repeate d e fforts to r es olve the u n usually p e rple x ing s ituation surrounding comp e n s ation for VISTA volunte ers a ssi g n e d throu gh the Sout h e rn R e gional
Education Bo a rd to the City of Atlanta , Atlanta Urban Corps, little has been
accomplished. R e sponsibilities, ho weve r, have been d e fin e d, to wit:
A. VISTA voluntee rs will r e c e ive bi- wee kly supple m e nts from the
City of Atla nta , Atlanta Urba n Corp s in amount s d e t e rminable
by multiplying the tota l numb e r of comp e nsable hours w orked
by each intern durin g the pre ceding p a y p e riod by either . 07, • 47,
or . 77, dep e nding upon the individua ls e duc a tiona l level.
Volt Technic a l Corpor a tion, a sub s idiary of Volt Information
Scie nces, Inc., 795 P ea chtre e Str e e t , N. E., Suite 63 0, Atlanta,
G e or g i a , a priva te co r por a tion unde r contract w ith VISTA to
p r ovide admini s trative and lo g i stic a l fina ncial s upport, will
disp e r s e on a wee kly b as is the VISTA sha re of VISTA volunteers
The City of A tla nta, A tla nta Urba n Corps supple ment plus the
VISTA s h are w ill clo se l y a pp r o x i ma t e tha t r e c e i ve d b y a ll other
i nter n s o f a co m p a r a ble e ducatio na l l e v e l.
C aro l Lim , Volt T e chnic a l Co rp o ra tion, phone 8 76-635 4 , has
b een des i gnated as t h e represent a t ive o f h er c omp a n y to h a ndle
i n qui r i e s fr o m VISTA Volun t eers ass i gn ed t o t he U r b a n Corps
regardi ng c omp ensatio n fr o m VIST A.
T he pr o cedu re outline d in se c t ion II of thi s D epar t ment ' s i niti a l re po r t , da ted
July 2 , 1969, regarding Co llege-W o rk Study Program g u idelines is pr o v ing
sati s facto r y.
The book keeping system outlined in Sectio n III of this Depa rtment 1 s initi a l
repo rt is now in o peration and is relative l y efficient. I mprovement is neede d
in this area. As a bare minimum the following is necessary:
Working space (availab l e for payroll auditors )
Freedom from unnecessary interruptions and confusion
Mr. W. Walton Clarke, First National Bank of Atlanta, was talked with on
July 10, 1969 . He agreed on behalf of the First National Bank to donate
One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) to the City of Atlanta, Atlanta Urban
Mr. Charles S. Marvin, A. T. &T. , was talked with on July 9, 1969.
Mr. Marvin indicated an interest on the part of A. T. &T. to make a donation to the Urban Corps. He suggested that I call his immediate supervisor,
Mr. Tom Koneig, on July 14, 1969, and arrange a conference. Mr. Koneig
was ill. However, his secretary set up a conference for July 22, 1969 at
10:00 A. M.
Mr. Plemon Whatley (Junior at Harvard) , employed by A. T. &T. and
assig ned to E. O.A., w a s talked with on or about July 1, 1969, and has
reported to Mr. Marvin that he feels the Urban Corps is deserving of a
A. T. &T. 1 s office s in Atlanta are located at Room 1831, The Hartford
In gene ral, Fina nce ha s b ee n pla g u ed by s e n se l es s mista k e s, inade qua te
secretaria l sup p o r t, a n d t r oubleso me i nefficiency.
At this time the addition of Dianne W il s on to thi s D e partme nt in a so m ew h at e lus ive po s ition i s not, i n my o pinion, justi fiable e ither in cost to
the Urba n C o rps o r in inc rease d effi ciency.
T h e a bove m e ntione d rec o mmenda t ion, if follo w e d, w ill pro v ide the
n e ede d spac e m e ntio ne d i n Se cti o n III, A g abo v e and will e lim i n a t e the
n ee d for clos e s u pervi s ion a nd w ill, t o s o me e x t ent, prov i de relief f r om
u n n ece s s a r y c o nfu s ion and i neffic iency.

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