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July 18, 1969
Miss Elayne Landis
A sociate Director
Metropolitan Regional Council
155 East 71st Street
New :York, New York l00lZ
Dear Elayne:
I am leaving Atlanta the fir t week of September for Harvard Busine s
School and wen ed a Director . I ' ve b en talking to Mike Goldst in
about possible director and h
uggested you. I did c asually mention
at the recent Urban Corps Conference that we're looking, but I'd like
to make it more definite .
very w 11 . We h ve
A you know, Atlanta
Urban Corps 1 progr s ing , -~
. . ~
cooperative resource from area college , busin s donors, city government nd private agencl s . I h ve no doubt about expan ion pos ibiliti s- ·
only through planning . City government is co- pon oring an Urban Life
Center with Georgia St t College through a pecial grant fro m Housing
and Urban D velopm~nt. It is a "kind of" university relations office with
promising opportunity.
The M yor' assistant aay th t if a decision. w
m de to hire a per on
of your caliber that you could po eibly be a profe or in the Urban Life
Center a• well as direct the Urban Corps .
If you ar int rested, could you please
about arranging vi it?
Vc"c: M yor's Office • D n Swe t
nd me
resume and call me

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