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July 10, 1969

Dr. James E. Alien, Jr.
Assistant Secretary for Education

U. S&S. Commissioner of Education
Department of Health, Education & Welfare
Washington, D. C.

Dear Dr. Allen:

On behalf of the 225 interns of the Atlanta Urban Corps, I thank you
for addressing the recent Atlanta Service Learning Conference. Your
interest and presence indicated to college students that the national
leadership of higher education is indeed in tune with their concern.

Your statement about college work-study funding and the reversal of
off-campus expenditures is, in my opinion, a mildstone to college
involvement in community action, I only hope that colleges will en-
courage thorough planning by off-campus agencies to develop meaningful
programs for student involvement.

If our project can be of any help to you for materials or ideas, please

let me know. I am sending under separate cover a 1,000 page research
book on community-college programs in twelve cities which I compiled

ce Director on Youth and the Federal Government for President


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