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July 17, 1969
Mr. Roy 0. Elrod
Atlanta Civic Center
395 Piedmont Av nue, N .. E .
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Roy:
l wa vef!y disappointed to hear that the Municipal Building
nd Athletic
Committe have taken an action, the effect of which i to prohibit th centr 1
staff of the Urban Corp Project from utilizing the available parking space
at the M unicipal Atlditorium. I am e pecially di appointed that,, not being
re that you w re propo in . to ubmit thi question to the committee, I
did not have an opportunity to di cu
thla matter with th committee c - irman
or members .
Whil 1 can well under tand yo\lr proper concern r garding s e curity~ int rferenc • etc. , it i my f eling th t ther
re som extremely important

reasons why the city should do aom thing more than i

b olutely r quired
of u for the e· stud nta who ar doin eo much for the city. Th
outstanding youn p ople who will definlt ly be playing 1 ading p rt in thi
community in th futur . It i dUficult for u to ,q,lain to them th t w
hid bound bur aucracy when w are unwilling to accomod t them on
euch a routine matter a thle one.
Roy, l aincer ly hope that this h not r pr
ntativ of the m nner in hich
ork tog th r to solve problems in the future. 1
d talk d to you on
July 7, an
Wld r the impr a ion th t you and 1 could work
tbi ' out to
I am lookln1 forward to orkin with you in th futur , nd 1 am co nl.z nt
of th xc 11 ht Job you r doing t the Civic Cen r. I
nt you to kno
that l stand r ady and wUU.n to a iat you in nyway that 1 c n t
y tim •
Very truly your ,
D ~l':je

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