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Mayor Ivan Allen
Sam Willi ms , Direc-::i"
July 25 , 1969
Possible Viait To New York City
Persuant of our rece nt dis c ussion about a pos ible vi it t o Ne w York
in c onnection with the Ne w York Urban Corps , I re c eived a call fro m
Mayor Lindsay offi c e inquiring about po · s i ble dates you might be
available for such a visit . Mrs . Mo es gav e me severa l dates whi c h
I passed along to Mayor Lindsay ' aide .
Today, I received a call from
yor Lindsay ' s taff, stating that they
would invite you to spe lt to the New York Urban Corps intern , du.ring
the fina l se sion, August 19 . All thi information will be c oming to you
soon in a letter from Mayor Lindsay himself. A you suggested, thi
would be n ideal time to give more e xposure to the Atlanta U r ban Corp
by t king few of our interns with you.
Plea e
dvil!le me of your a ction after rec iving Mayor Lind ay 's letter .
c c; D n Sweat

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