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The Gity of Atlanta has asked, and has received, fuom the Fulton
County Superior Court an injunction ordering Atlanta firemen to fulfull
their obligation to the city and to return to work.

We sincerely hope that all Atlanta Firemen and the unions
representing them will not only honor this injunction by returning to
work immediately, but will fulfill their obligation to the city by staying
on the job without any further court action. We hope it will not be
necessary to take any further action in connection with the court injunction.

At this meeting of representatives of the Atlanta firemen's unions,
lam making available the various city officials who have an area of
responsibility in this action. They include Alderman Knight, Chairman
of the ree cdg wwarn vie se pmaaaaaa Farris, Chairman of the Finance
Committee, eral Garl Sutherland, Pexsonnel Director, Mr. John
Dougherty, Associate City Atterney, Mr. Charles Davis, City Comptroller,
and myself,

It is our hope that orderly discussions of the problems you raise
can be carried on through these groups without any further disruption of
work, or the necessity for tte,

In addition te the Civil Service Act of the City of Atlanta, which
guarantees protection to all of its employees, the Personnel Board of
the City, which carries out this act, and the Board of Firemasters which
is available to you at its regular me@tinge and on special meetings, I

will be glad te'nttyiinpt to take the following action to assist in solving
this dilemma:

1. Inform you that under the Budget Act of the City of Atlanta
the city cannot make an adjustment in wages after the budget has been

approved and adopted, or after March 3lst of the calendar year, Ghilegy

2. To make available the Public Administration Service officials
whe are making 2 study of the salaries of city employees, so that you
can give them full information as to your feelings concerning firemen's
sajaries; and, subject to their agreement and findings, they can be included
in their report to be submitted to the city this fall.

3. Recommend to the Board of Aldermen at their next meeting
on June 20th, and ask for immediate passage of an ordinance establishing
a 56 hour work week effective Jamuary 1, 1967.

4, Further, ask the. Sana of oe Finance Committee, Mr.
Farris, to instruct the City Comptroller be > seats review the budget
iRE RAR Oe he cate atx monthe rots ending the 30th
of this month, to termine if any eufplus funds have been accumulated

56 hour work week on Cetobe? tet of this year.

catia ensattls we will ask the Board of Aldermen to approve

an amendment to e, making the 56 hour work week effective
as of that date, / ‘

ivan Alien, Jt.

Mayor of AHanta
June &, 1966

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