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Box 9, Folder 6, Document 18

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July 16, 1969
Mr~ Sam Williams
Atlanta Urban Corps
30 Courtland Street, N. E .
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Sam :
I am enclo ing two copi es each of the full y executed greements ~th Carl Wiecke ,
Patrick Ntukogu, Roger Whedon, and the Georgia In titute of Technology (Rog r
Rupnow) . The e agreement provide f or their servic es as Educational Advisors
to your project.
You should retain one of the copi e for your file and forward the other to the
contractor . l m forwarding the original copy of e c;;h contract t o the Director
of Finance with a copy of thi letter to be filed in the offi cial contract fil o1 the
City. Concurr ntly, I am l o forwardina to him four (4) misc llaneoua requisition for the first in tallment du under these gre m nt • I m skin lum to
prep re the checks and r turn th m to me and I will advia you when they r
Plea e not your records so th t you will initi t
miec llaneou
thes check in ccord nc
ith th due dat
tabli bed in th
Enclo ures
.Attachm nt
cc: Ch rl • L. D via
bbc: Urban Corps Project File /
bbc: GJ_B Correspondence File
r quisition for
r ementa .

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