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30 COURTLAND STREET, N.E. / PHONE [404] 524-8091 / ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30303

To: George Berry

From: Inmond Deen
Re: Reimbursement for Mileage for Urban Corps Interns

Date: July 3, 1969

Attached is a form which, if it meets with your approval, will be used
by our interns. .

Per your request of this morning, the following list has been compiled:

Name Anticipated total mileage per month
in the performance of assigned duties

~1. Mannie Berk -— ©
—)D, Walter Blom=- o°0: 4%

—3. Ji Bruce =
i. Ties Christenberry (© 59 a. tt. K

Inmond Deen
Thomas Raymond Fleming — 4
Janice Foster Snider— o
Tommy Issac — y 2 SPH &
Babs Kalvelage ~ R
John Martin 6-25 5. it.
Joseph Menez — / 2 ¢ St, R
Tim Rodgers

. Tara Swartsel

. Dave Whelan

- Sam Williams

. June Woodward -@/ 4 Wt: q

. sue Zander -

Inmond Deen, Jr.
Director of Finance
Atlanta Urban Corps



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