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Box 9, Folder 6, Document 32

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July Z, 1969
Sam William
Fram :
Ci or
Subj ct:
Contr c:ta with Educ tional · or
J . Berry
Attac d ar copie of · 1 tt r to Ch rl e
via. di- · ft of
re•olution authod~ing th
yor to execut th o a r menta.
nd a draft of th gre m nt U elf.
Pl • look thi• gr ment ov r nd if you pproy ; pr par
25 final co-pi • (fiv
ch for
ch contr ctor) nd si n aa
appro d by th Ur
Corps ProJ ct Dir ctor. Th for rd
di Advisor for l natur • Th
for rd to m in City
H U for th Attorney•• etg tur
nd th 11 th Mayor'• •i
tur · •
I will retai t
City•• copy for tbe Inane• Departm 11t nd .a · d
th oth r x cuted copi • back to you for di•trib tion..
of th Um factor, you might
nt to la ft ao • n
d to tb variou• Adviaora ao
t there will
be no cban of them ttina loat on •om on •• d •t~
B ca •
1k th
M &l'O
Ver truly your•,

•lea L .
race ar

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