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cc : M r . Charles L . Dav i s
M r . Forrest Gee
Mr . Ge orge Berry
June "'O. 1969
Mr. Sam William , Dir cto;r .
Atl nta Urb
Municipal Audito r i um
Atlanta, Georgl 30303
r Sam.
Enclosed i Clty of .AUanta. g .ner l fund ch c:k num.ber 6056 in the mount
of SO. 00 for th purp<>
of funding p tty cash pro-c dur for the Urb .
Th a funds are to be used only for tho• misc Uaneo
r · qui~m .nt for
which it ould not be pr ttical or pas ibl to i ~ th r gut r pureha e
r qU! ts or miscellaneou r quisition to th Pu.rch lug Ag nt. Th
xp ndituzes from t he proc
null moun.t •
of th
p tty c sh fund ma t b
for rol tiv ly
E v ry ll'P nditur • withou.t x.c:c,,ption, i t o b sub to.nil t d ith aom
invoic , bill, ot memox- da cont in.ill& n --.---plan tion a to
m purcha.• d. P rio ic ly, a th fund n re depl tion~ you •hould
acoumwat th a writton 1: c:orde nd tt ch th m to a misc
r qui ition writt n fo_r an amount auffident to bring th to
to total oI $50. 00. Y
should e rg
for th amouo.ts p d out. r nt 1. r inUng; uppU • tc . Thie mi c 11 1l! OUS
re u itlon,
ong with th upp rtin bW and uwoie s , hould b fo
rd d
to thi9 office in th uaual
nn r .
ears ti , you should mak a final r pol't
d , i-•tu.rning to th1 olllc
-, cord f · th .n ~ m
ith th ca h bal nc of th fund . T
re lnt..n p d bilb along ith
al ce •h uld to al $50. 00.
A, the proj ct
ea h f
ta • 1d .nt t. l •truct you :
• lf ny fuflh r clarlil tl
inc !' ly yo

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