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Mr. Sam Williams , Director
Atlanta Urban Corps
Municipal Auditorium

Atlan a, Georgia 30303

Dear Sam: numb Gosec

Enclosed is Gity of Atlanta peneral fund check/ih the
amount of $-0.00 for the purpose of funding a petty cash

procedure for the Urban Corps Project.

These funds are to de used only for those misce!laneous
requirements for which it would not be practical or possible
to issue the rerular purchase requests or miscellaneous
requisitions to the Purchasing Agent. The expenditures
from the proceeds of the petty cash fund a5; be for

relatively small amounts.

Every expenditure, without exception, is to be
substantiated with some invoice, bill, or memorarda
weLtten—rscord containing an amdequate exvlanation as
to what is being purchased. Periodically, as the fund
nears depletion, you should accumulate these written
records and at&Ă©ach them to a miscellaneous requisition
written for an amount sufficient to bring the total
fund back to a total of $50.00. You should charge the
appropriate expense account for the amounts paid out,
rental, printing, mkex supplies, etd. This miscellaneous
requisition, along with the supporting bills and invoices,

should be forwarded to this ofkfice in the usualy manner.

Teter+ pera On back

I trust this information is sufficiant to instruct you

onk the proper operation of the petty cash fund, If any

further clawification ts needed, please conta:t ma or
George Berry.

GJ: CLD, Forrest Gee,


AS the project nears completion. you should make

a final report on the petty cash fund, returning to
this office a record of all/remaining paid bills

along with the gaks cash balance of the fund. These
remaining paid bills along with the cash balance
should total $50.00.

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