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Mr. Charles L. Devis
Director of Financs
City of Atlana,
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Charles:
Prior to the time that the city took over sponsorshin of the
‘YUrb.n Corpgs Project, the Urban Corps Project Director reached
a verpal agreement with four students to pay them esch 4250.00
for their services in setting up the ¥suthx€srpesg Urban Corps
Project. They were not to receive any other compensation “or
their work such as the other enrollees are.
These four students were:
Mr. Bill Adams
Mr, Dave Whelan
Mr. Marcus Dash
Mr. Rich Speer
Bec use of this spacial circumstance regarding the comnensation
of these four individuals, I advised Mr, Sam Williams to have them
execute some written memoranda certifying that they did work during
this period and for Mr. Williams to compleée a miscellaneous

requisition for the four checks. These documents relating to

Mr. Ba Adams and Mr. Whelan have been forwarded to your office.
Those for Mr. Dash and Mr. Speer will follow shortly.

I am complegely aware that this arrargment xaxne does not conform

to generally accepted ways of doing thines for the city. Peécetunataly,

We came upon the scene after the fact, and these arreemants were

alee ad Prov ded
already made and these individuals have eoneelbuted their services

For whatever it 15 worth
on the basis of the agreement that was reached. /| It is my feeling e

that we can properly consider these payments as coming from the peceed 5 of

/ Contributions that have been made to the Urban Corps. MREXEan

ABSUKeKaK exe kaAkaxkbakx

It is our feeling that, under the circumstances, these invoices
should be honored and paid and you are requested to do sp. Wehave
advised the Urian Corps Project Director that any future commitments
o this nature must be made through proper city procedure with

the prescribed authorization.


Dan Sweat
Deputy thief Administrative Officar

ec: Mr. Sam Williamsm

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