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bee: Mir. George Berry
Mr. Sam Williams

June 25, 1969

Mr. Charles L. Davis
Director of Finance
City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Charles:

Ao unanticipated expense item has arisen in connection with the Urban
Corps Project. No budget provision was made for travel expenses in
connection with any of the enrollees. Most of them are engaged in duties
which do not require travel. However, a relatively small number have
been assigned to work which does require the use of their personal
vehicle. Examples are those in the Mayor's Office assigned as
Community Service Coordinators in the EOA Centers and, also, those

on the Urban Corps staff that are required to travel to the various work
stations to interview supervisors, take care of complaints, and perform _
the evaluation function. Also, there is a problem, we find, in transporting
the payroll records from the various work stations to and from the central
payroll unit in City Hall.

It is, of course, not right for the enrollees to be required to use their
private vehicles in the performance of their assigned duties without
reimbursement. I am well aware, however, it would not be practical to
request the Board of Aldermen to establish temporary auto allowances
for such a program as this, especially in view of the fact that there are
no established numbered positions,

We propose, therefore, to reimburse those enrollees who use their car
on the basis of the standard city rate. We propose to secure a signed
statement certifying as to the miles driven on Urban Corps business within
2a given month and forward to your office for payment along with a miscellaneous
requisition. Because the amounts will be relatively small both individually
and in total, we will charge account G-25-62-770U. We believe that this
will be the moet expeditious way to handle this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Dan Sweat

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