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TO: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. DATE: June 19, 1969

. FROM: Sam Williams
SUBJECT: Speech to the Atlanta Service-Learning Conference

Thank you for agreeing to address the initial meeting of the Atlanta
Service-Learning Conference, June 30 at the White House Motor Inn, 30
Houston Street.

As we discussed, all 225 Urban Corps interns will be in attendance as
well as representatives of local colleges, businesses, and government
agencies. We also expect out-of-town representatives of service programs
suey as Peace Corps, VISTA, Teachers Corps, and others,

Speakers for the two day conference include Georgia Tech's new President,
Clark College Student Body President, Peace Corps Director and White House
staff members,

You are scheduled to weleome the group at 9:00 a.m., June 30. I am forwarding

through Dan Sweat an outline of comments you might consider appropriate for
your address.

ee: Dan Sweatt

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