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MEETING 3:00 pm Friday the 27th of June
Mr. Robinson stated that if the Urban Corps people wanted to have meetings outside
of their regularly scheduled meetingjwith him-, such as for the purpose of sensi-
tivity training, then it would be okay with him only if he were contacted in advance
as_to the time and place of such meeting. If the meeting was to be held in City Hall,
Mr. Robinson would also have to make arrangements to reserve the proper facilities.
Two federal government inters will be working on the field starting Monday. Mr.
Dement will be working in East Central dv and Miss Sorrel will be working in Nash-
Washington, The City Hall interas should pian to make sure that these two new
interns blend in with their activities, =— aa i

Mr, Robinson then announced that two interns, Mr, Berk and Mr. Fleming, would

also be pout out in the field shortly and arrangements would be made accordingly.

Mr. Robinson felt that it was a good idea for the interns to get as diversified aw summer
as possible,

Effective July 1, 1969, the Police department will have four new wretkers going at
full steam to remove all the unwanted, inoperative autbmobiles

Garbage and trash remain a constant problem throughout the poverty areas that die
‘interns are working in.

Mr. Robinson announced that if any of the interns wanted to have a clean-up program
that they let their supervisors know in advance so that arrangements might be made

for, trucks and machinery to be there on the day fofthe clean-up project. A comment
from the audience expressed that Saturday would be a good day to pick up the trash,

Sanitary meetings are always on Wednesday and itis good to let the department know
of any project that a pick-up would have to be made for.

Mr, Bloom. said that there were many cars that needed to be picked up in the Pittsburg
area of the city. He said that in a area that amounted to only one-eighth (1/8) of
Pittsburg he marked over 50 cars and felt that he missed as many, He expressed

the opinion that a total plan involving all the interns be evolved so that a more
effective clean-up can be reached in these areas,

A discussion then ensued as to which philosophy was best, having cars picked up

inef ficiently but with community backing or to have cars picked up efficiently but
without much community support . Mr. Robinson felt that since this problem is
such a constant one, and since the interns will be here only a summer, it is

would be better to have the community backing even if the clean-up was not as
efficient as it could be. Those favoring community action as opposed to effectiveness
seemed to dominate,

Mr. Robinson then called the COs into hs his office and he turned the meeting over
to the Urban Corps people,

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