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- - - - ~.....,....- TI1,rG- 3: tr0 pm
e 27t1i or une
Robinson stated that if the Urban Corps people wanted to have meetings outside
of t heir re ularl scheduled meetin w ith him :; , such as for the ur ose of sensiti vif y training, then it would be okay with him only if he wiere contacted in advance
- - - - -=.s_ t b_ th_e_tim...e_ancLplac_e_ o_f_sJ1.d1_meeting. _Jj' the meeting was to be held in Cit Hall
Mr J j Robinson would also have to make arrangements to reserve the proper facilities.
Two feq.eral government inters will be working on the field starting Monday. Mr.
and- Mi s-s -So-r-re-1- wi-ll- be- we-r king -in- Na-sh--- - - --·
Wa ~I ington. The City Hall interas should plan to make sure that these two new
- - - - - --1--r
n t -ct
J +r-n~s~ 1· 5 en 1n w1 11- f eir acfi v i t,:-1e
= s-.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - -nerh ent-wd-1- b-e-wor-king- i-n -E-a.-s-t- 6-entr al- dn--
Mr, Robinson then announce that two interns, Mr. Ber an Mr-:----F em1ng, w-oula _ _ _
_______a_l _s~1+t out in the field shortly and arrangements would be made accordingly.
---Mr Robinson felt that it was a good idea for the interns to get as diversified a,s, summer
as ~ ossible .
t i¥e-J.uJ.;cJ,-1.%.9, he_Eoli=--depat.trruenLwilLha,re_f011Ln=-w-=s<keuL.going__~ - - s team to remove all the unwanted, inoperative automobiles
and trash remain a c onstant problem throughout the poverty areas that the
i n e ns a
- - J . ~ obins on a nnoun ceo. t at 1 any o C Uie in erns wan e d t o have a cTean.:.-ffp- j::>rogram
c -c--tha they let their supervisors know in advance so that arrangements might b e made

+-+-for / ruck s and ma c hinery to be t ere on the day fo < the clean-up project. A comment
_____fro~ i.h ~ a_udLenc e e xp res _§_e d that Satu_I d a_y wo~ l ~ b~ ~ go9 d day_ to pic~ u_p the tr as_h_._ __
San·tary m e eting s are always on Wednesday and it is good to let the department know

.L h,¥_p..r_o~_e c t...tha t_a_pick-up_\~.rn.uld_ha.:
t f=o~r..~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

61--G-Gm-s tha... the..r e-we..~e- m -a n Y- Gar s h a t - neede d to be- pi .c
k e..cLup.....in_tb.e_ b..u r_g__

arela of the city. He said that in a area that amounted to only one- e i g hth (1/8) of
Pit sbur-g he m a rked ove r 50- car-s- and felt th-at -h-e mis-sed as - m -a ny-. - H e e-xp r e ss-e d-- the opinion t ha t a total plan involving all the inte rns b e e volved so tha t a mor e
e ff cti ve cle an - up can be r eachea. in t h es e are a s :-
- - - - - -±v1c-r-
A d ~scussi o n t en e nsuea a s fo wlii ch philosophy w as oest ,-n a vi n g cars pic ke d up . . ine f fici e ntly but w i t!: c ommuni ty_ b <:.._<:_king or to ha v~ c c:_r s _p i c_½e~:e.__effici ~nt~y bu!_ _ _
w i t~ou t m u ch c omm u n i t y suppo r t • M r. Robinson fe lt that since this p r oblem i s
_s.u c#-g, £: Ons tan t Qn e, ~J].d . . .Q.i nc e_ t_b. 0 nte_rns w ill b_e h e re g_nl y: _a s umm er, it i-&
w oul d b e b ett e r t o h ave t h e community ba cking e ve n if th e cle a n - up w a s n ot a s
effiide n .t as it could b e . -Thos e f a v o r i ng c.omm u ni..ty_ ac.t i.on a s.... op.p o..s e..d to _effe cti venes_s.
II e d t o d om1nat
s ee171
_ r_ ,_
j. R o binson then called the C O s i n t o
t ot;ne -urhan ea-rps pe-uple.
h i s o ffice and h e turned--;he m~e ~ing over

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