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bee : :Mrr . George B erry
M r. Sam W illiam s
J~e ZS ., ·1969
Mr . Charles L . Davis
Dir ctor of Fin nc
City of Atlanta
Atla.nt , Georgia
Dear Charles :
An unanti cipat d xp ns it m ha
ri en in connection w ith th Urb n
Corps Project. No budg t provision wa rnad for travel xpen s in
conn ction with ny of the nrollee •
o t of them r
ng g d in duti
which do not re quire tr v 1. Howev r , a r ativ ly sm 11 nwnber h ve
been s igned to work hich do
requlr th us of th ir p r on 1
v hicl . Ex mple are tho
in the Mayor ' Office a sign d s
Community Servic Coo din tors in th EOA Cent rs and, al o . tho
on th Urban C orps staff that r to tra-q l to the variou
tations to intervi w aup rvieor ~ t
c re of cornplai.a.ts, nd p rform
the valuation fu.nction .
l o , ther is
probl m. w find, in tranaporting
th p yroll r coi-d s from the v rioue work t tions to
d from th central
p yroll unit in City Hall.
It is# o! cour , not riaht for th enroll
to b r d to uae th ir
priv te vehlcl
rfor.m nee of their ssign d dutic
reirnbureem nt. I m ell
re , how v r , it ould not b pr ctical to
req et the Board of Aldermen toe tabliah t mpor ry auto lowanc
tor such a pro ram
thb. e pecially in ....,l
o{ th f ct t t ther
no st blish d number d posltlo.o•.
propoa , th r for4!. to r imbur1e thos
nr ll e
o the b ala of the stand rd city rat .
propose to • c r · a ai
t m nt certifying • to the rn.11•• driv non Ur n Coi- • budn sa thin
a iv n month and forwa to your offic · for pa
nt alon
1th mbc llan ou
reqweition. B•c
thi mounts wUl be r lati l sm 11 both i divldually ·
tot 1,
111 c r
account G-25.62.-77 U.
b li v t t thi
ill be the moat x
ay to awu~U.Lc• thl• matt r.
Sincerely your,
• t

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