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Atlanta Fire D e partment
Monday, September 5, 1966
The loyal members of the Atlanta Fire Department are providing
fire protection fo'r the citizens of Atlanta on a round the clock basis.
are working greatly extended hours over their normal work week of 60 hours.
Of the 225 m~n on dut y, the added hours has resulted in 40% more manpower.
These men are well-trained and highly skilled, and are dedicated to protecting
the people of Atlanta.
As a result of this increase in manpower, beginning Tuesday four
additional fire stations will be put into service on a 24 hour basis.
These four
stations will be activated day by day.
Most of the surrounding governments have reaffirmed our long
standing Mutual Assistance Pact of providing firemen and equipment should
an emergency arise.
I am most g rateful for this added help.
In additi on, the Atlanta Polic e D e partment has provided m e n at
each firehouse to take over many non-firefighting responsibilities; thereby
relieving our skilled men of thos e routine duties.
In case of an emergency,
other city employe es are on a stand-by basis to render clean-up assistance.
I know all people of Atlanta will join me in expressing appreciation for this
Beginn i n g Tues da y morn ing , the Pe r s o n n e l D epartment i s
accele rating its efforts to recruit people for the vacant positions in the Fire
Informa tion conc e rning thes e jobs can be obtained by calling
the Pe r s onne l Dir e ctor a t 522 - 446 3.
The City of Atlanta is well protecte d under this emergency
condit ion, a nd I wish to assure e v e ry citizen tha t thi s protection will c ont i n u e
and i mprove daily.
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