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30 Courtland Street, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

June 20, 1969

Urban Corps Interns, Supervisors and Friends:

The Urban Corps and several service organizations such as the
Peace Corps, VISTA, and the Southern Regional Education Board are
sponsoring a National Conference on service-learning in Atlanta June
30 = July 1, 1969. The initial Conference wiil explore the service~
learning experience of existing volunteer and service programs and
plan a metropolitan model for Atlanta involving area colleges, local
agencies, and foundations.

A series of follow-through meetings will be held during the summer
to examine specific aspects of s*tvice~learning programs such as finance,
college curriculum revision and educational aspects of service.

All Urban Corps interns will attend the first day's session June 30,
with registration starting at &:30 a.m., at the White House Motor Inn, 70
Houston Street, N, E, Interns should notify their supervisors in advance
about their planned absence from work that day. We especially would like
intern supervisors to attend. Hopefully some interns and supervisors
will be able to attend the Tuesday Meeting as well,

During the afternoon session all interns will meet with Urban Corps
evaluation staff members for additionla information about the internship.
Therefore attendance is very crucial.

Speakers for the Conference include Atlanta's Mayor, Student President
at Clark College, Georgia Tech's President, Reace Corps and VISTA Regional
Directors, and White House Aides, :

We look forward to seeing you June 30,

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Atlanta Urban Corps

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