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30 COURTLAND STREET, N.E. / PHONE [404] 525-2662 / ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30303


TO: Sam Williams June 11, 1969
FROM: Dave Whelan

SUBJECT: Alvin Dollar

Alvin Dollar reported to Judge Jones of the City Municipal Court
for an interview as assigned by the Atlanta Urban Corps. Judge
Jones did not approve Alvin at that time for an internship as a
baliff, and he told Alvin that he would call in in the next couple
of days.

Mr. Dollar subsequently cam:to the Atlanta Urban Corps office and
spoke with me concerning the position at the Courts. He stated that
he had received a call from Judge Jones and was told that he could
work. if he would cut his hair. It was at that time in an "afro"
hair cut. Mr. Dollar felt he was being denied his rights and had
reported the incident to the Community Relations Commission.

To assure Alvin received a job, I then placed him in the Crime
Commission. After telling Alvin this, I called Judge Jones. He
stated that he had no personal objection to Alvin's hair, but one

of the 5 judges said that he would not allow Mr. Dollar in his court
unless he got his hair cut. Judge Jones said that since he had no
power over the other judges, he could not accept Mr. Dollar because
the job of baliff required that he work in the courts of all five
judges. Judge Jones was very sorry, but he did not see how he could
accept Mr. Dollar under those circumstances.

Judge Jones did, however, laud Mr. Dollar's qualifications, and ex-
pressed an interest in using other Atlanta Urban Corps interns.

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