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m c oLJH l l J\f,! [)S .l l l l [ .1 , NL

f' H O N l
[ '1 0 -l ] !, 2!, 1 G6 2
l\ TL ,U\J TA, G FO R G l /\3 0 3 03
·To :
The At l ant a Urban Cor ps
- - - - - . - - - - - - - - - ~ - - - - - - - Hereafter calle d the
(Name of Agency )
Agency 11
(Addr e ss)
Where as the above named Agency , a public
private (delete one) organiz ation,
desire s t o par ti c ipat e i n the Atlant a Ur ban Corps , and in considerat ion for the assi gnment of Urban Cor ps student i nt erns t o the Agency, we do hereby agree to the foll owing
terms and condit ions :
The Urban Corps shall have t he right to approve or reject re quests for
student int erns submi tt ed by this agency upon forms provided f or t hat purp os e by the
Urb an Corps .
The Agency shall utilize such students as may be assigned to it in
accordance with the specificat i ons s et f orth in its written request to the Urban Corps,
and shall i mmediately noti fy t he Urban Corps of any change in nature of assi gnment,
dutie s , supervi sor
or work location.
The Agency shall provide such s t udents as may be ~3signed to it with
a safe place t o work and with adequate respons ible supervision.
The Urb an Corps shall have the ris ht to inspect at any time the work
bein~ perf ormed by such students as may be assigned to the Agency, and shall have the
right t o interview such st udent s and their supervisors.
The Urban Cor p s s hall have the right to requi r e such stud~nts as may be
a$s i gned to the Agency t o att end such general or special meetings, or to appear at the
Urb an Cor ps offi ce , individually or a s a group, as shall be necessary for the proper
f un ct i on i nc of t he program.
In a ccordance wi t h the requirements of t he Federal law work performed
30 CU L.1 R l l.
r, ;-,: D
S T H I !. l . N

, TL. .

T;i. _ GEOf-'l GIA
3 0 303
by such students as may be assigned to the Agency s hal~ - - -
be in the public interest;
will not result in the displace:r:ent of employed workers or
impair existing contracts for services;
does not involve the constr ucticn , operation, or maintenance
of so much of any facility as is used, or is to be used, for sectarian
instruction or as a place for re l i ~iuus; and
does not invol ve any partisan or non.:;:>artisan political activity
associated with a candidate, or contending faction or group, in an
election for public or party office
The Agency shall require such students as may be assi gned to it t o
submit time reports and follow such other _procedures as may be established by the
Urban Corp s .
The Urban Corps shall have the right to re~ove any student assigned
to the Agency fr om said assignment and fror::1 t he Agency at any ti~e for any reason
without prior notice, and the Urban Corps shall not be obligated to replace said student.
The Agency warrants that it is in coI_p liance with the provisions of the ·
Civil Rights Act of 1964 (P.L. 88-352, 78 Stat. 252).
The Agency shall indemnify, pr otect and hold harmless the Atlanta
Urban Corps and the City of Atlanta from all claims, causes or actions which may result from the assignment of students to the A£e~cy.
• •
-:~ ....
{_., I•--··;
i (ll)a.
,_....r I., ...._:,-.....
The Urb an •shall be deemed the em.:;:>loyer for purp_o ses of this
agreement, with the ultimate right to control and direct the services of such students
as may be as signed to the Agency.
The Agency's ri ghts shall be limited to the direction
of the immediate details and means by which the result is to be accomplished.
PH ONF. [ tl0-'1 1 S7.5 -2 GG 2
,\ TL AN T A, G E O R Gl /.1 303 03
(12)a •. The Urban Corps shall be wholly responsible for securing the compensation of such students as may be assigned to the Agency, except that the Agency shall
become fully liable for such sums as may be due to provide the proper compensation
in the event that the Agency, either knowingly or unknowingly, violates any applicable
provision of law or the terms of this a greement.
(12) b.
The Agency shall pay to the Urban Corps thirty (30) per cent of the
gross compensation earned by such students as may be assigned to the Agency, in
accordance with the below provisions.
The Agency shall, upon receipt _of writtan notification of the
amount due, advance to the Urban Corps an amount equal to thirty (30) per cent of the
anticipated gross weekly ~ompensation of such students as are assigned to the Agency,
multiplied by the number of weeks the students are expected to work.
This thirty (30)
per cent shall be used as the Agency's share of the intern's earnings, vlorkmen's Compensation costs to the Urban C rps, and overhead and administrative costs of the
Urban Corps and the City of Atlanta.
The Agency shall, upon written request of the
Urban Corps, provide such additional funds as may be required to provide the requisite
thirty (30) per cent of the actual gross compensation payable such students, where the
amount previously advanced by the Agency proves inadeqiate.
The Urban Corps shall,
within sixty (60) days after the termination of work of such students as were assigned
to the Agency, return to the Agency such of its funds as were not required under the
terms of this Agreement.
Remittance to the Urban Corps shall be made payable to the
City of Atlanta, Urban Corps account.
Dated this
- - - - - - - day
- - - - - - - - -19----
For the Agency:
Authorized Signature
30 C OURTLA /\! D S T P.U T . N .E .· /
PH O N E [ '1 0 1\J

,?. ::, 2GG2 / A TL ,'.\"JTA . G E O f1 GI /\ 3 0 3 0 3

Based upon the statements and affirmations made by the Agency through
the above docu.ment, the Urb an C· -rps hereby agrees to the assign..YCient of students to
said Agency , in accordance with said document and the applicable laws and regulations .
Signature of Authorized Urban Corps

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