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This Acreement, made this Gayot , 19 ee

entered into between _....» hewin called the "Institution™, and

te ae ee

the Urban Corns cf the City cf Atlanta, a public orsanizgaticn within the neaninz
of that term as defined in the reculaticna of the Department cf Health, Education,
and Welfare scverning the Colleve Work-Study Trogram, herein called the “Agency!
actinz by and throuch the Mayor of the City of Atlanta.

WHEREAS, the Institution and the Avency desire to enter into an erreenent
pureuant to Title IV, fart C of the Hirher Educaticn Act of 1665 (P.L. 9-325)
as anended » and the rerulations of the Department of Health, education and
Welfare applicable theretc, in order t: premote, foster anddevelep the Atlanta
Urban Corps and the Collese Wrrek=Study Pregram, for the purnose cf providing
enpleyment and work expetience to students elisible to participate in the Collexe
Wrok-ftudy precram and te enjoy the mutual benefits arisin: frem caid procran; and

WHEREAS, the Agency will benefit directly from its participaticn in the
said program; and ‘

WHEREAS, the said program will. beneflt the public welfare,

NOW, THSRSFORS, it is mutually avreed as follows:

FIRST: The Agency bereby acrees to prcvide employment fcr students duly
certified by the Institution and accepted by the Agency. Scheduled to be
SEO OCS attached to this AEH Agreenent from tine to tine,
bearine the sisnatures cf an authorised cfflicial of the Aseney and ef the

Institution, will set forth the time of work ta be performed by students under

‘this Agreement, the total nurber of students to be employed, the hourly rates

of pay, the tctal ousber cf hours per week the students may work, and the tctal

lencth of time the students are to be enployed.

SSCOND: Studenta will be made available to the Agency by the Instituticn for
the performance of specified work assicnments. The Agency or the Institutuion,
either on its own initiative or at the request of the Agency, may remove students
from the Agency cr from work on a particular assismment, provided that the Insti~
tution shell remain responsible for its portion cf the compensation earned by any

duly certified student until such time as it shall infcrm the Aseney in writing

of its-intention tc terminate the particination cf su such | stugent. The Agency agrees

that no student will be denied employment cr subjected to different treatment umdsr
this Agreenernt because of race, rku color or naticnal orjizin, end that it will
comply with the provisions of the Civil Rishts Act cf 1564 (P.L. €8-352) as anended,
and the reculations of the Department cf Health, Hducation and Welfare which imple-
ment that Act. : ‘
THIRD: ‘Transportation for students to and fron wogk will not be provided by |
the Agency cr the Institution. |
FOURTH: The Agency sh211 be deemed the exvloyer rae purmoses of this Asree-
ment and shall disburse the compensation payable to neddelnte wider this Agreement,

subject to the fcllcwing' terms and ecnditions:



1, The Institution shall pay to the Aceney elcity (8:9) ner cent of the «ress
compensation payable to each student in accordance with the| schedule or sehedules
attached hereto:

2. The Agency shall provide such additional funds as mney be necessary for

compensation of students under this Agreement in accordance with such schdédule or


3, The Institution shall meke its remittance payable te “the City of Atlanta

Urban Corps cn a bi-weekly basis, woon veeeipt ‘from ‘the heeney cf a statement of



gross compensaticn payed its students for the correspendir\s period;

4. No payment shall be requized to be made to students under this Acreenent
until the Agency receives contractural arreament from the Institution.

5. The Agency shall withhold and remit such taxes and teke such cther measures
as are the respcensibility of the employer under applicable Federal, state, and
Leeal laws; and

6. The Asency shall hentah ee the institution such information as may be
necessary furthe Institution to comply with the reculaticns of the U. 8. Office cf
Ecucaticn pertaining to the Collere Work=<Study Prorran.

FIFTH: ‘The Aowssy wild be respensible for the supervisicn of work performed
by students participating in any pfoject under this Acreement, and will MREC
available to the Institution the names and lIceations cf work ethertindea:. The
Agency will provide to the Institution a vsecord of the hours worked auving each
payroll pericd by each student as certifled by an authorized employee of the
Acency. The Areney will permit the Institution, from tine tc time as it may ree
quest, to inspect the premises in which any student is working under this Apraee-
ment, and will veview with the Instituticn the workins ecnditions and job require-
ments of all such students,

SEX SIATH Vork to be performed under this Arcreenent will not result in .
the displacement of employed workers or impair existing ecnimets fcr services;
Will be governed by such conditions, ineluding compensation, as will bs apprep-

viate and reasonable in the Licht cf Hmm such facters as the type cf work per- is

formed, veccvaphical recion and prof‘eiency cf the uw employee; and must not invelva
i SS

the constructicn, cperaticn or maintenance of so much cf any facility used, or %
to be used, for sectarian instruction or ‘as a place of relisicus worship. further \)

no project may involve political activity or work for any political party.

SSGENTH: No student shall neffcrm werk cn any project under this Acreement oh
for move than forty (40) hours in any week, or as may ctherwise be mesinnt provided ‘
under applicable Federal law and re-ulations.
EIGHTH: This Acreement shall supercede any and all pricr Agreements between
the Institution and the Asency recardins the mutual operation of a Vork-Study

program under the provisions of the College Work-Study Prozran.

NINTH: This Agreement shall take effeet immediately ond shall terminate —

June 1, 1070, and may be extended by written agreement of the parties heretc


for a period not to exceed three (3) months.

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