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PHONE [404] 525 -2662
May 20, 1969
Mr. Dan Sweat
Government Liais.on
Office of the Mayor
68 Mitchell Street, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Mr. Sweat:
Enclosed is a copy of the minutes of the first meeting of the Board of
Trustees of the Atlanta Urban Corps :· Inc. Please notify Sam Williams of any
additions or corrections .
Also enclosed is a copy of the By-laws which were unavailable at the
meeting. These were accepted as a beginning set until the next meeting
I feel it necessary to tell you that in my opinion these By-laws. which
I hadn't seen prior to the meeting . are so poorly prepared that the task of
revision is rather a task of starting over. I have advised Dr . Bloom . as
Chairman of the By- laws Counnittee ~ of my feelings. I am also passing on to
him what constructive comments I can. I hope you will do the same ,
The Urban Corps effort .is continuing under the leadership of Sam Williams
and the student s who are giving so much ·of their time to it . A large number
of students will be placed in community service positions this summer as a
result of their work and an integrated educational program is being prepared .
It seems to me that the task of the Board of Trustees is to develop a
structure that can represent the various interests in an Urban Corps . assume
responsibility for operation of an Urban Corps 1• and assure its continuat i on ,
In view of the requir~ments of By- laws development an~ the ~ressin~ demanos of
irmnediate program operations 1 the May meeting of 'the Board of Trustees is
postponed until the By- laws Committee is ready to report and the Staff
Director if-J prepared to present a review of program operation.
Temporary Chairman
WRR sz

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