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April 17 :. 1969
The fir st meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Atlant a Urban Corps
was hel d. on Thurs day ~, April 17> 1969 ~ at 3 ,30 p .m . in the Wilby Room of
the Georgia Tech Library . The f ollowi ng persons were present :
Mr .
IL Adams
Mr . Terry Allen
Mr. Steve Bi nion
Dr . Walter Bloom,
Ivtr . Walt er Bloom5 J r .
Dr . Vernon Crawford
Mr . Marcus Dash
Mr . Neil DeTiosa
Mr . ,Jame s Dull
Dr . B. D. Harrison
Mr . John B Haye s
Mr Dave Hous er
Mi s s Dust ~r Kenyan
Ilf. ir. J ame s Mac I'!abb
Mr. Bill Rams ay
Mr. Johnny Robinson
Miss Marlene RoundG
Mr. Norman Shavi n
Mr. Rich Speer
Mi ss Tar a Swart zel
Mr Dan Sweat
Mr. Denni s J . Webb
Mr. David Whelan
Mr. Sam Willi ams
The meeting was called t o order by Mr . Rams ay , acting as Temporary Cha irman f or t he or ganizational meeting . Some of t he backgr ound and i nterests
leading t o t he f ormation of an At lanta Urb ai.1 Corps were out lined by :Mr.
Ramsay . It wa s recogni zed. t hat the Atl anta Urban Corps Incor porated woul d
not be ready t o as sume oper ating responsibil ities in time t o carry on the
development of i nternshi ps placement of student s and r elat ed administ r at i ve
t a sks f or a summer 1969 program . The s e responsib i l ities woul d be undert aken
by t he Atlanta Children and Youth Servi ces Council. th8 Cit y of Atlanta SREB
and student r epresent atives of the various campuses this year until an i nde pendent Urb an Corps coul d be e stab l ished.
Proposed By- laws had been drafted by students with the hel p of Mr ,
Dennis J. Hebb . Copi es werer not avail able for examination . Mr . Webb out lined tha provisions of the By- l aws anG indicated that the Trustees must
adopt By- laws t o be effect ively const i tuted a s a corporation for tax exempt i on
purposes , He reported that exemption paper s have been filed with IRS
was moved and seconded that the pr oposed By- laws be adoptisd as i nt erim
By- laws to get the Urban Corps Corpor ation started . The mot i on stipulated
that the By- laws would be made at t he next meet ing scheduled i n May 1969 ,
The motion passed .
�A By-laws Committee was appointed by Mr . Ramsa~r as follows
Dr. Halter Bloom - Chairman
Mr. Norman Shavin
Miss Dusty Kenyon
The Trustees a.e;reed by concensus that the present Trustees c1-id not
represent all parts of the collllllunity which shoul d be on the Boarr:1 of Trustees
and that UJ.'1til a full slate could be nominated and elected at an annual meet ing j_n the fall : t he pra sent group would be an interim Board . It was further
a greed that the terms of offi ce of a ll present and prospective Trustees ad0ed
prior to the first annual meetinr; would expire on the date of the annual
The ad hoc }:Xecuti ve Board, which has been functioni ng . was recognized
and a motion was pass 0d e lecting it to continue until the first annual m0eting
as an interim Executive Board. Its membership is as fo llow3
·,Jlx .
Hr .
Mr .
Mr. .
Bill Adams
T,h • •
Dan 8\~ ,aat
tvfr ,
Dav2 Wh2lan
CO ~.{

·rar]r. nash

Bill Ramn a~:
~/IT • Tiich 8p2e:r
Hr. Sam WilLi_arns
A ser · 28 I ' i r-2pnrts was 't?X'cS .m t ed c or Jl" i W a~t. ,r t ·i (=S c,f t.11::} Ur ban
Cor·;:is ·:!ffor t tr1 clat -J anr:l 0ut l in:i.n7 ,_;,,m.,~cl htt c p l a ns . ·:~nt 2nt i al s ,u ,: c ,"?s f
f , nanc ial a .., e,;, I·1e r2 cL s cussed.
Plans fp:;_· ac ·,nL:rei1c .-: : P 11 s2:;: v:i c :-·l."?a n 1 i,-. ,
5_n Atlant a ,-·. ·2 :r th-2 n ·Jxt n:i.n-~ .il ;:iths w : t·2 ··, nt ,. r:!
wa s a d,i r,u ,:·ncd
(Atlanta Urban
Tvle etin'
CoT~ s> 13ourd of Trust c 2s
April l 'T. l.C'G9:

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