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April 21, 1969

Mr. Sem A. Williens

Post Office Box 3528h

Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia 30313

Dear Mr. Williams:

This will confirm discussions between the staff of our Resource
Development Project and you in regard to your participation in our
Internship Programs. SREB wishes your services under a consultant
arrangement to assist in carrying our internship plans in the Atlanta
Metropolitan area. SREB is cooperating in the formation of an
Atlanta Urban Corps capable of developing and administering large
numbers of service-learning opportunities for college students.

The Atlanta Urban Corps will be housed and serviced by the City
of Atlanta through ite Children and Youth Services Council. Under
our consultent arrangement you would be assigned to the Youth
Council to act as staff director of the Atlanta Urban Corps. Your
responsibilities would inelude:

1. ‘The organization and operation of the Atlanta Urban
Corps under the guidance of Mr. John Cox, Director
of the Youth Services Council.

Provide liaison between Atlante Urban Corps and
SREB's Resource Development Project assuring that
SREB's internship commitments are met.

Assistance in preparing project reports and
evaluation material.

4, Other assignments related to the Atlanta program
as directed by the Resource Development Project

This agreement is proposed effective March 31, 1969 and extending
through September 30, 1969. For your services SREB would pay you
a fee of $725 per month. For periods less than a full month, a

April 21, 1969

ee, hh boeken aes on the number of days worked

divided by the number of work un to tes the month as determined

SREB. In addition, SREB would reimburse you for costs of

a en ee ee

Your acceptance of this appointment may be indicated by signing
the copy of this letter and returning it to this office.


Winfred L. Godwin

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