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April 18, 1969

Mr. Joseph E. Birnie

The National Bank of Georgia
Post Office Box 1234
Atlanta, Georgia 30301

Dear Mr. Birnie:

We would like to bring to your attention what we consider
to be one of the most worthwhile student-oriented projects we
have seen in some time. It is called the Atlanta Urban Corps,
and its goal is to use the great constructive energy and inno-
vative spirit of college students in helping to solve the prob-
lems of our city. The students plan to do this by working with-
in the frameworks of established metropolitan area governments.
They will develop Urban Internships within these governments
designed to be challenging and stimulating to the student.

We recommend this project to you as being most worthwhile,
both from the point of view of the governments involved and
from the value of the educational experiences that each student
in the Atlanta Urban Corps will have. We urge you to attend a
breakfast on Tuesday, April 29, at 9:00 a.m., at Rich's Tea
Room on the Sixth Floor. The store may be entered through the
Store for Homes or the Street Floor entrance. This breakfast
will not last more than one hour, and that hour will be well

Sincerely yours,
Edwin D. Harrison

Ivan Allen, Jr.

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