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T .A
April 8, 1969
ATLANTA, GA. 30303
Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404
R. EARL LANDERS, Administrative As si stant
MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Executive Secret ary
DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Governmental Liaison
To: Concerned Parties
From: Sam Williams, Staff Director, Atlanta Urban Corps
Subject: Urban Corps Status
Tuesday, . April 1, Sam Williams assumed position of Urban Corps staff
director, salaried ~y Southe rn Regional Education Board and "loane d " to
the Atlanta Youth Council.
Most of the first week was spent in taking inventory of various phases
of the Urban Corps. The most immediate problem is financ e . A small
ad1ministrative fun d wa s donated by SREB and Dan S we at, A s sistant t·o
the Mayor. Pres e nt inventory of work study funds a v a ilable this s umme r
for Urban Corps is 138 student positions at 80% cost. All of these are
not firm commitments. VIS TA wilf finance 25 interns at full cost.
Mr. ·Bill Ramsay a n d Charles S w eet are visiting financial aid offices of
Atlan ta colle ge s i n an effort to " squeez e 11 mor e off-campus work study
fund s fr ee . Fund raising from priva t e sources is und e r w ay w ith no
r es ults as y et. A bus i nessmen' s lunc h e on is s che dule d fo r A pril 29 i n
an effort to get fund commitments. A fund raising group has been
established under the leadership of Bill Adams of Georgia Tech.
D e finition of job ope n in g s is und e r way . It appe ars tha t the c i ty can
acce pt at l east 100 s tudent s. D efinite job s lots will b e d efined the week
of April 11 in city de p ar t ments. City financing and administrat ion w ill
be expla i ne d in a meeting of d e partme nt h e ad s April 8., A city irtern
developing 'team will v i s it ea ch de partmen t d u ring the w e ek.
Inte rnship development of non-federal n o n - city agencies w ill begin
April 8. Initial contacts and r e que s ts for 158 interns from the s e a g e ncies
h a s b een handle d by T e rry Allen. Student t e ams will m o r e clearly d efine
each inte rn re q uest durin g t h e next t w o weeks and h opefully make new
con ta cts i n other age ncies.
�Page Two
April 8, 1969
Federal agencies have agreed to participate as much as possible. One
hundred of their summer interns will attend Urban Corps orientation
meetings and our development teams will visit federal agencies to help
them in choosing certain intern slots. Federal interns will be chosen and
placed by federal agencies by merit of their civil service examination
scores. Cooperation this year is hopefully aimed at some placement
system of Urban Corps interns in future years.
Joe Kimmins has been loaned part-time r.rom the ?eace Corps Regional
Office and will be assisting on intern development. Diane Wilson, a
Spelman graduate, has been hired fulltime to assist in internship development. Russ Caldw ell will work part-time in program development and
is on loan £!om the Georgia Municipal League. Fulltime secretaries are
badly needed.
Urban Corps offices·will open the week of April 11. The address w ill be
30 Courtland Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30303. The telephone number is
525-2662. We hope to have someone manning the phones by Monday,
April 14. Calls are presently being handled through the Youth Council
at 522-446 3, E x t. 437.
Student recruitment will begin thro_ugh financial aid offices in each college
the week of April 18. Mayor Allen will make a formal announcement of
the city's participation April 9 in a press release. Brochures describing
the Urban Corps and student application forms will be printed the w eek of
April 11.
The Board of Trustees w ill meet April 18 to elect 8 people to the E x ecutive
Board and to pass resolution s and .approve minutes so the IRS w ill grant us
a tax e x empt status for donations.
E x act estimates on pum°f?er of interns is imposs ~ble at this time. No
work beginning date has been set. The most important fact is that the
U r ban Co r ps i s alive and struggling to get on its feet . ·
L a r ge t h a nks to :
B ill Ram say, SREB
Dan S weat , City Hall
Ri ch S pee r ., Geo r g ia T e ch
The A t lanta Con sti tuti on
and a n endless li st
This me m o i s n ot for publicatio n.

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