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April 4 , 1969
To : Conc erned Partie s
From: Sam William, Project Di re cto r , Atla n t a U:rban Corp s
Subject: Urban Corps St tua
Tuesday, April 1, Sam Willi ams assumed p o sition of Urban Corps staff
director , salaried by Southern Reg i onal Educ ti.on Board and "loaned" to
the Atl anta Youth Council.
Most of the first week was pent in taking inv ntory of vari ous phases
of the Urban Co:rps . The most immedi ate problem is £inane • A sm 1
dministrative fund was don ted by SREB and D n Sweat, A sist nt to
the Mayor . Pr sent inv ntory 0£ work study funds vailable this summer
for Urban Corps is 138 tudent positions t 80% cost. All of th s are
not firm commitments . VIS T will finance 25 interns at full co t .
Ml' . Bill R msay nd Ch rl s Sw et are vi iting fin nci 1 id offic s of
Atl.a.nt colleg s in an effort to "squeeze" mote ofi .. campus work study
funds free . Fund r ising from private soui-ees i und r w y with no
results as yet. A busw. sm n ' s lunch on i scheduled for Apt'il Z4 in
an effort to g t fund commitments . A !Uhd :r lsing group ha be n
establish d under the le d r hip of Bill Adams of G Ol'gia T ch.
w y. It a.pp_ ar that the city c
cc pt t le t 100 tud nt . D finit job lots will b defined the w k
of April 11 in city dep rtrn nt • City flnanc:tng nd dminl tr tion will
be xplain d in m~ ting of d p rtm.ent h · d April 8. A city int rn
dev loping t m will vi it each department during the w k.
Definition of job op nings i
Internship d velopment of non .. f d r l non-city g ncies will b
April 8. lniti 1 contacts and r quests fo~ 158 int tl'ns born th
ha• b en handled by Terry Allen. Student t ms will mowe cl rly d fln
each int•rn r quest dur~g th next
o w ek
nd hop · fully m k n _w
contacts in oth r ag nci
�Page Two
April 4 , 1969
F deral agencies have agreed to participate as much as possible. One
hundred of their summer interns will attend Urban Corps otient tion
meetings and ou:r development teams will visit fede:ra.l agencies to help
them in choosing certain intern slots. Feder 1 interns will be chosen and
placed by federal agencies by merit of their civil service examination
scores. Coopet tion this ye r is hopefully aimed at some placement
system of Urban Corps interns in future years .
Joe Kimmins h s been loaned part-time from the Pea c e Corps Regional
Office and will be assisting on intern development. Diane Wilson, a
Spelman gradu te, ha.s been hired full time to assist in internship develop ..
ment. Russ Caldwell work work part-time in program dev lopment and
is on loan from the Geotgia Municipal League. Full time secretaries re
badly need d.
Urb n Corp offic s will open the week of April 11. The add!'es will be
30 Courtland Str et, Atlanta, Georgia 30303. No phones re install d yet
but c Us may b ref :rred to the Atlanta Youth Council Office.
Student recruitm.ent will b gin financial aid offices in ach coll g
the week of Ap:ril 18. Mayor Allen will mak a formal announc ment of
the city's particip tion Api-U 9. Brochures d cribing the Urb n Corp
will b prix>.t d the we k of April 11.
The Bo rd of Tru t e will me t April 18 and th Bo rd of Director will
s re olutlo.n. and pprov minutes so th IRS will
gi- nt u
t x exempt t tue for don tions.
me t April 17 to p
Exact e timate on numb :r of int rns is impossibl
t thi time. No
work be.g inning d t h
b n
t. Th most 1mpottant f ct is th t th
Urban Cotps i
live nd struggling to get on its l g .
L rg
thanks to:
Bill R ms y, SREB
Dan Sweat, City Hall
JHch Speer~ Geof 1 T c:h
Th Atl nta Con tttution
and a.n endle
U t
Thls memo la not fo'l' publication.
SW :ly

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