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June 19, 196 8
Mr . Frank Ro ug hton
In titute of Communi cativ
of the Methodist Chur c h
1279 Oxford Road, N . E .
Atlanta, Georgia 30366
Dear Mr . Roughton :
I have received from Mayor Ivan Allen your letter addressed to him of
June 17th reg rding your suggestion for a ymphonic drama on the truggle
of the Ne gnn in America, with con tructio n for . ame of an amphitheatre, a
a memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr. Thi ha been brought to my
atte ntion in my capacity a chairman of our Aldermanic King Memori 1
Committee .
At the out et, I would like to xpress ppreciation foi- your intere t in tbi
matt r and to tell you th t I feel your ide ia mo t appropri te a.nd would
be xtrem ly me nlngful. Actually, one of Mra . King'• auggeationa for
incorpor tion ln th memorial w ar planning was long thi line.
Ae you have probably le rned f:rom the v rioue new m dia, our committe
- and •ub equ ntly th Board of Aldermen - h
t k n a po ltion supporting
living, productive m morial as in contr at to •omething like
statue or
a str et naming: and we have call d On the federal government to a• tat in
the dev lopment of nation 1 memorial with
ver 1 working facilitie in
rea of Dr. King's birthpl ce and mother church round Auburn Avenu
-.nd Boul va.rd. We al o h ve n ordlnanc befor our Zoning Committ e
ref rred to it by the Board of Alderm n at ita meeting Monday which would
c 11 for design tion of thi are
• an 11 hietoric district" , which is our fir t
at p in order to pre• rve the ch r cter of some of the n ighborhood nd to
protect it from other d velopmentt until we ar in a poeltion to make aetu 1
acqwaition. It i8 my opinion that in the near futur we will probably work
�.Mr . Frank Roughton
June 19, 1968
toward the e tablishment of a prestige national bo rd o{ trustees, a
suggested by Mrs . King, which bo rd would probably have the responsibility
o( d eciding on pecific facilities to be incorporated in the development .
At the next meeting of our committee I will bring your communication to
their attention and will k ep you advised a to our progress .
Sam Ma svell,
Mr . Martin Luther King, Jr .
The Hon . Ivan Allen, Jr .
(Attn: Mr . Dan Sweat)

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