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September 2, 1966
Dear Mayor :
I am pleased to send you a copy of the Report of the White
House Conference "To Fulfill These Rights." This report is a
product of more than one year of intensive study by hundreds of
individuals and organizations from all walks of life who responded to President Johnson's call for a White House Conference
to help formulate specific steps to help the Negro American move
"beyond opportunity to achievement."
The report was recently presented to the President by the
Honorary Chairman of the Conference, Mr. A. Philip Randolph, International President of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters,
and the Chairman of the Conference, Mr. Ben W. Heineman , Chairman
of the Chicago and Northwestern Railway Company.
The 29 member Council to the Conference and the 2500 delegates stressed the formulation of action recommendations in four
specific areas : 1. Ec onomic security and welfare; 2. Education;
3. Housing; and 4. Administration of Justice.
President Johnson has announced that all Federal departments
and agencies will evaluate these proposals most carefully and
submit to him specific recommendations for carrying forward the
Administration's commitment of promoting equal rights and equal
opportunity for every American.
You will note, however, that much of the responsibility for
implementing these recommendations also rests with our states
and local communities. This is as it should be -- meaningful,
visible change in the lives of people cannot take place in any
other manner.
I, therefore, urge your careful analysis and study of this
report. Many of the recommendations will hopefully be relevant
to problems you may face in your community. If you have questions about any portion of the report or its recommendations,
please feel free to seek from me additional clarification or
assistance. And I am especially hopeful that you will from time
to time let me know what steps you may be taking in achieving
the objectives discussed in the report.
As stated by the President, we are seeking "not just equality as a right and a theory, but equality as a fact and a result."
I believe this report is a historic blue-print for action to
help our nation achieve this goal.
Best wishes.
Hubert H. Humphrey
Honorable Ivan Allen, J r.
City Hall
Atlanta 3, Georgia

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