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The events occurring in our city a few nights ago when a few people
interfered with an officer of the law in the routine execution of his duty
has caused some alarm and deep concern on our part as citizens in this
community who take seriously our responsibility as citizens, No one
can honestly deny the facts of history -- facts which show that Negro
people have been and still are victims of injustices and wrongs. We are
just as determined as any to work continuously and with vigor to eliminate
any and all injustice in this city. We donot believe, however, that one
wrong can be made right by committing another wrong. The way of
violence no matter by whom perpetuated is wrong and it creates more
problems than it solves. Worst of all, violence always victimizes the
innocent children. This course is not wise and should not be followed
by any people. There is a way to protest. The frame work is set out

in our Constitution. All people should work to see:

1, That it is preserved and honored,

2. That all who live under it, live by it.

Violence or inciting to riot does neither of these, As citizens
who live here and who are determined to make Atlanta a more just city
we pledge our support of law and order, We call for wisdom and calmness
on the part ofall, . . the police and the people alike, Level heads, pure
hearts when joined in a common purpose, remove fear and release

untapped energies for good. Atlanta, though imperfect, is too good to

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be destroyed by rashness no matter from what quarter. Those who are
engaged in the struggle for human injustice anywhere in this nation must
have friends. No man, no nation, no group of people can go it alone.

Cooperation is the way to achieve righteous goals.

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