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Atlanta, Georgia
August 15, 1967

Mra. Eliza Paschall

Executive Director

Community Relations Commission
1203 City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mrs. Paschall:

My involvement in community activities has come to a temporary halt.
There are several reasons I feel responsible for the changes

One of then is, "The Method", Unless I organize a group to protest
a complaint, the complaint continues to remain. There are several
issues that are very important, and will go uneattended unless there
is a movement arranged to solve them.

Number two is "The Complaints", The summer regreation program is one
one of the biggest hoax ever casted upon the underpriviledged citizens
in this city. The only beneficiaries of the Atlanta Recreation
Department were the staff and employees, and they were either the hired
staff, aides, employees who were there to participate with the facilities.
And they were either enjoying themselves or sitting down drawing pay.
There were more youngsters playing in the street than there were in, or
on, the premises made available by the city or organizations. While I
am on the subject of organizations, the Summerhill area has at least
five that are crowing out the others and duplicating programs together
in the buildings that are too small for then all. This causes confusion
and keeps most of the youngesters puzzled. To name a few, The Atlanta
Urban League, The Jaycees, Atlanta Parks & Recreation, The Board of
Education, and the E.0eA., plus the Atlanta Braves.

t is going to be done (In Summerhill where some efforts were made
in Mechanicsville where nothing was done) this fall for reereation
in the community? Maybe "The Method" will have to be demonstrated
again, and again, in order to get this problem solved.

I have studied this A.C.E.P. project, ami I am in doubt of it before

it even gets started. There will be over $4 million dollars spent in

Atlanta alone. Here is the clincher, £.0.A. additional staff to be

ee OS RRS $5 EN SO ee Se en

called qualified p (Believe me, I am not retaliating because
was denied a position that required certain qualifications that I

could not ~ Even though I did qalify with equivelent). I could
do a bet b <— man for man than any so-called professional placed
in th « This program will pay te the professionals and not
to peoples one cent. This is another B,0.A. typleal wy

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of looking out for the so-called pros. I mve another question. When
will §.0.A. plan a program that will that will put money in the poor

citizens pockets?

I may have to rely upon "The Method" again. I have met with the same

E.eO.A. chosen few for so long until I am sick, For each purpose the same
identical few are notified, and called to meet and decide for the commnity.
Usually the decision is already made, they come to put the commnity

approval to it. And if it's good or bad, it is never discussed satisfactorily.
That is another reason I am not so eager to continue to deceive myself and

my neighborhood, and my friends.

I have aceomplished more with two unknown (Big Publicity) groups than the
Neighborhood Center has in two yearse We shall continue together, or should
I say, they shall continue. I organized a group of forgotten citizens Ȣ
and before they could have the first mesting, the E.0.A. and the Atlanta
Jayeees had a prepared program for them. Let then have credit. I get the

everlasting glory, and God's blessings.
Unlike General Douglas MeArthur, I may not yatueny unless I see the possiblities

Toni Moobay

Edvard Moody

eo: The Mayor
The Vice Mayor
ur. Delius
Dr. Letason
Director of Sum-—/ac
Mr. Doisfeulet Jones

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