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Of Piedmont Park again. Late about ll pm
26 year old"Bobbie " Jones was walking
though the park which is a nearer pway to his
home thpng arund the streets and 2 fellows
tore all his clothes off. Wounced him and
might heve killed him if someone seeing
from his house had not phoned the law and
Grady and called out to them. The criminals
ran,off and as far as I know were never
weet Someone rapped a Sheet around the
v im and rushed him to the Grady. A friend
left him clothes. He said the loss directly
and indirectly was several hundred dollars.

I knew Bob sometimes went through Piedmont
in the day but believe me I dont get out
much at night and would hate to go though

thatperk which is if anything more dangerous

than the street. 20 / fe f


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