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Lie Sargent Shriver's office called - requested funeral information .
Tom Cochran will call later.

A. Mayor John Lindsay called for info on funeral arrangements. Please
notify Harvey Rothenberg 212- 566-3000 of arrangements.

3. Chris Mould, Urban Coalition, called for funeral info. 202 - 293-1530,
Washington, said John Gardner is flying back from Puerto Rico=
Plans to cancel the Urban Coalition ce Committee Monday, if necessary,

Wants to know funeral plans. ),9_ 635-3 4¢Y Bek Layrhin : es


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5. Bill Mullins, Assistant to Shriver, ebitds. Says Bill See head of
Vista, and Jack Hood Vaughn, head of Peace corps, wants to provide a
Vista and Peace Corps Honor Guard. Will stand by for instructions.

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\ 4. Mayor Henry Meir of Milwaukee wants to know funeral 4 Pipee: Pe Mak,

5. Jesse Hill - suggested we hold the auditorium facilities for the
funeral and wants to know best hours from traffic standpoint to hold services.

6. Mr. Bill Terrell - telephone company - 529 - 7480 - called. Wants to
know about telephone logistics. He and Bert Linden are standing by to
provide whatever telephone facilities and services will be necessary.

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