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Metropolit n Atlanta Summit La dership Congress
Roo #312, 201 A hby Str et, r \1
Atl~nte, Georgi
April 11 , 1968
,,.· ..·...
Mr . Roy Elrod,
n oer
Atl nt Civic Center
395 Piedmo t Ave . , NE
Atl nto, G .orgiat 30312
De r
~r . Elrod:
I won ' tot ka thi
opportunity to th nk you ,
for your coopcrat:on
during our trying time last Friday in m king the
Civic Center ovail ble for tho public meting follouing Dr .
1 rtin Luth r King's deoth.
Mr . Fletcher and
r . S oa
I m ure th t the oxerci~inQ of n uncommon mo~nt
of moturc iotolligcnco by you, certainly h lped us void
d ngerou
ituation th t could h vo easily onded in
tradg dy.
Tpi ty e of sincor cooper tion. if it woro v ilfrom other city d p rtmcnt hod, could re dily lo d
revolution in r ce r l tion
·nth City of Atl nt.
If I
to C 11
nytime .
n b
ny o i t nc to you, plc
or the org niz tion I r pr
e f el
nt t
Sine rely.
cc - Mr . Fr d Fl
ch r
Mr. D n S · 1at
yor Iv n All n
o rd of .d rm n
Si mon

tro. A l nt
EKecutiv Co ittt:
Sum it L d r h p Congr

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