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May 3, 1966
Honorable John J. Sparkman, Chairman
Housing Sub-Committee of the Senate
Committee on Banking and Currency
United States Senate
Washington, D. C.
The deterioration of the Central Business Districts of American cities
cannot be allowed to destroy our economic, social and public values.
S. 3282 offers the strong tool long needed to provide assistance to those
charged with responsibilities for sound development and preservation of
our central cities.
Atlanta joins her great sister cities in urging prompt and positive
action on this amendment and offers her support to your Sub-Committee
in se eking full approval of this progressive legislation.
Ivan Allen, Jr .
cc: Senator Richa rd Russell
S enator Herman Talmadge
R e pr e sentative Charle s L . W eltne r
R e pr esentative James A . M ackay
R e pr esentative Rob ert G. Stephens, Jr .
S~f/~ - A-u

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