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Special Legislation for the

Revitalization of

Central Business Districts

The central business districts which constitute the cultural
and economic hearts of cities, the principal tax resources, and
the principal sources of employment in most communities, are.
facing increasingly serious problems of decay and congestion. The
renewal and revitalization of downtowns require a special approach
and treatment not available or possible under existing law, regula-
tions, and procedures.

In order to enable a city to undertake comprehensive programs
to strengthen the ability of its central business district to

function effectively, new legislation is required which will:

Recognize that the health of commercial, industrial,
and cultural functions of central business districts

is essential to a well balanced community.

Permit the Secretary to qualify site improvements and

supporting facilities as part of the gross project

cost and as local grants-in-aid.

Allow for the acquisition and rehabilitation of

historical properties in such areas.

Permit waiver of residential requirements in renew-

ing central business districts.

Revitalization of central business districts made possible

by the attached amendment will:

1. Strengthen the tax base of cities.

2. Permit the use of the increased local tax resources to
more nearly meet the educational, social welfare,
recreational, and cultural needs of the people.

3. Improve the economic health of cities.

4. Increase employment opportunities for unskilled and
semi-skilled in central business districts where the
greatest potential for such employment exists now and
will exist even more so as revitalization is accomplished.

This proposed legislation was introduced in the 88th Congress

as H.R. 6431 and as a part of S. 2031, and was endorsed by:
United States Conference of Mayors
National League of Cities
Joint Council on Housing and Urban Development
National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials

National Housing Conference

March 25, 1966

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