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120 West Concord Street e Orlando, Florida 32801
The United States of America

Jay Creswell Senior, Trustee

The goal and purpose of THE UNIVERSAL EXCHANGE is Universal Prosperity
and Peace — Shalom — )} y — in Freedom, Justice, Mercy, Human Dignity, and
Love — neutralizing and counter-acting all ignorance and all evil.

For ALL People For ALL Nations

To achieve this goal, and to fulfill this purpose -

ine I ask ALL people:
ea to bring their thoughts, words, and actions, into
harmony with the unchanging, self-enforcing, Laws
of Life, Laws of Nature, Laws of Science - THE

Laws of God:
vee to have a change of heart, become pure of heart;
1.3 to be receptive to the idea of good for all mankind;
1.4 to reform themselves, and, to help ALL people
aie to make - Love =- their supreme motive, and,
1.6 Perfection, the standard, for all work and Life.
Zio I ask that there be - equal opportunity - and = equal

responsibility - for ALL people;

on to know - the Truth, and, to live it;

02 to eliminate perjury, deception, false witness;
i to make action coincide with words and promises;
° to instantly punish liars, deceivers, hypocrites;

to know, and, to live in
el decency, dignity, law, and order;
oe to banish all crime, corruption, slander, envy,
passion, anger, and hatred;

1 to love and strive for righteousness and perfection;
2 to overcome all error and imperfection;

transaction - in fairness, equity, and love;
e2 to seek one's own good by providing for the good
of ALL others - in fair exchange;

4.1 to exchange honest and true values in every

2.4.3 to avoid misrepresentation, cheating, loafing,
improper work, adultery, fraud, robbery, monopoly,
despotism, tyranny, aggression, economic slavery,
exproprigtion, extortion, blocking the path of,
or limiting the good of, anyone, threatening,
terrorizing, injuring, harming, or murdering;


© Ceovrighs 1906 by tne Carve xxcELEGE

to be Free:
free to do right, to choose good;
free to reject all evil and all temptation;

to enjoy useful and profitable, year-around,
sense satisfying employment (including self-
employment in their own business, profession,
farm, or in providing good service);

to eliminate poverty, unemployment, under-=-
employment, and atrophying idleness;

to own, occupy, and enjoy a decent home and @
suitable living environment;

in happiness, abundance, privacy, safety, ae
comfort, agreement, and tranquility;

eliminating all inhuman, indecent, sub-standard,
Slum - dwellings and environments;

to obtain education - light eliminating darkness:

reading, writing, arithmetic, history

learning how to earn a good living


learning how to manage a business profitably

learning how to manage a home and its finances


Learning to do all things right

Learning what is good and decent conduct
Learning the nothingness of error and evil

to eliminate illiteracy, ignorance, offensive
conduct, cruel covetousness, and malice;

The Laws and Constitutions governing good
conduct in each of the States of The United
States of America

The Constitution of The United States of America
and the similar points in the Constitutions of
all the Nations of the World.

@ Copyright 1906 dy the UNIVERSAL EXCHANGE



2.9.5 The ONE

eee @
eo «ee @




The Declaration of Independence of The United
States of America

The Declaration of Human Rights of The United

Basic Law - that God is All-in-all
The Basic Law of Life

The Basic Law of Nature

The Basic Law of Science

The Basic Law of God

"like begets like"

"As you sow, so shall you reap"

"As you judge, so shall you be judged"
"ONE cause and effect"

"Action and reaction - for every action there
is a reaction of equal or greater force"

"Evil, error, destroys itself"

"Sin brings its own punishment"

"All living things grow from within"

‘Oo oO NO Wr fwWNre

"Every person must want to lift himself up
out of ignorance, poverty, disease, sin,
crime, perjury, fear, and war"

to participate in all the workings of society:

to do their full share of civic duties;

to eliminate all discrimination, degredation,
special privileges, advantages, and injustices;

to eliminate all welfare payments, subsidized or
free public housing, and all public services, to
anyone who will not try to be healed, to learn,
to work, to earn honestly, to pay his own way in
life in dignity, honor, independence, self-
fulfillment and self-respect. He who will not
work - shall not eat.


I ask every community, city, county, parish,
state, nation, and international body - to
to enforce these universal laws:

enact and

to make it a crime and a felony for any person to

thre&ten to or to actually injure another person,
an animal, or property (except as lawful punish-
ment for crime);

© Copyright 1966 be the UmTvancs, EXcrunce


3-2 to license lawyers for the sole purpose of
instructing their clients in how to obey
the Laws and Constitutions - and to bring
out the Truth, the whole Truch, and nothing
but the Truth, in every negotiation, and in
every trial and judicial proceeding;

Bo 8! to make the Judge, the Prosecuting or complain-
ing Attorney, and the Defense Attorney, ALL -
collectively and individually responsible for
the correct preparation and presentation of
all papers, and evidence in every trial -
making all needed corrections during the trial
and within thirty days of the start of the trial
and with no delays whatsowver;

3.4 to make a crime against one individual, one city,
one community, one state, one nation, a crime
against every individual, city, community, state
and nation, and all humanity;

Bey to make every law enforcement officer a deputy
and legal assistant of every other law enforce-
ment officer - to prevent crime, and to catch
and prosecute evil planners, and wrong doers;

3.6 to hold individuals and governmental and organi-
zation officials responsible and accountable for
promoting war preparations, aggressions, crimes,
infiltrations, subversions, disturbances, and
wars - for perjury, misrepresentation, with-
holding information to mislead, hypocrisy and
deceit; removing all diplomatic or legislative
immunity, and making them subject to arrest
and trial where-ever they may be found; and
when found guilty in proper trials imprisoning
them for at least twenty years at hard labor,
and confiscating all their real and personal
property wherever it may be found; Making every
governmental and organizatinn employee sign the
letters he writes, designate who dirdcted him to
write the letter and who made the decision.

3.7 to make every governmental and organization
policy making executive or administrative
official personally responsible for obeying
the Laws and the Constitution; removing them
from office for a failure to do what the law
requires them to do, and eliminating all
pensions and benefits to which faithful officers
are entitled under the Laws.

© Copyright 1966 by the UNIVERSAL EXCHANGE


I ask that the money, the medium of exchange, the credit,
and the necessary assets and technical help be advanced
to ALL people - to enable them to earn, to enjoy, and
to pay for = all of these blessings of equal opportunity
and equal responsibility;

41 that ALL people be required to repay these advances.
for academic education, vocational training, and
the tools, and means, and facilities, and capital
for working or being in a business or profession;

4.2 that all funds advanced be from revolving funds that
can be used over and over again as advances are
repaid by those who have lifted themselves out of
ignorance and poverty;

4.3 thus making ALL people self-respecting, independent,
free =- not needing to be subjected to exploitation,
economic slavery, or being forced to accept degrad-
ing charity;

44 that existing financial institutions be used for
making these advances whenever people can meet
their requirements and standards for financing;

4.5 that existing financial institutions be modernized,
enlarged and reformed to meet the current needs for
providing equal opportunity and equal responsibility
for ALL.

4.6 that new financial systems and institutions be formed
for meeting the needs that present financial systems
and institutions can not or will not meet;

4.7 that these new financial systems and institutions
make it possible for every human being to exchange
what he actually does have - in honesty, fairness,
dignity, self-respect, and independence;

4.8 that there be universal recognition and acknowledge-
ment that these HUMAN VALUES that every human being
actually does have are - life, intelligence, energy,
integrity, reason, conscience, and an indomitable
need for self-fulfillment, self-expression and

4.9 that he must be able to exchange these assets for
the good he needs and wants;

4.10 without any limitation or monopoly control by anyone.

© Copyright 1956 by the UNIVINOM Eros:








The Laws of The United States of America require that
every element of our governments and private society
be co-ordinated to provide:

A. Useful and profitable employemnt for ALL.

B. A decent home and a suitable living environment
for ALL.

C. Equal opportunity for ALL.

(Employment Act of 1946, Housing Act of 1949, Economic
Opportunity Act of 1965)

It is not possible to supply equal opportunity to ALL -
to provide for unlimited population growth, unlimited
demands for higher standards of living - with limited
capital, limited credit, limited education, limited
labor opportunities, and limited opportunities for
trade and being in business.

In all ages and in this age whenever people have not had
the money to buy what they want, and in this age when
people do not have the money or the foreign exchange,
they BARTER.

I have repeatedly asked The Congress of The United
States of America, and I now ask all Governments of all
Nations to recognize the right of the people to BARTER -
to exchange what they actually have - for the good they
need and want; to exchange their work, knowledge, ideas,
property, goods, money, or other assets - for similar
human values of other people - without limitation.

I ask all governments to recognize that in order to
provide equal opportunity and equal responsibility for
all people the right to create a medium of exchange, a
"Checking Account Money" extended to people in the
banking business, must be extended to all groups of


THE UNIVERSAL EXCHANGE is a family of equally
powerful ideas. It has no organization, no memberships,
no financial assets of its own, and no powers of any kind.

The concept is that all organization shall be in
individual Autonomous (self-governing) Branches of THE

@ Copyright 1966 vy the WiVERtAL ExaURG

Any ten people in any community in the World may
form their own Autonomous (self-governing) Branch of

They organize themselves and pledge their sacred
honor, lives, and property, to abide by the Principles
enumerated herein.

Each participating Branch states the value of
whatever their members offer to exchange in terms of

Each participating Member and the Branch guarantees
that every value is a true and honest value.

Each participant executes notes, mortgages, and
the usual security papers for whatever he needs to
acquire a home, tools, facilities, capital, inventories,
management and technical help expressed in terms of

Exactly as Banks create Checking Account Money
from such instruments - the Autonomous (self-governing)
Branch of THE UNIVERSAL EXCHANGE keeps a Checking
Account record of the ownership and right to transfer
that ownership for true values - of THE UNIVERSAL UNITS
OF BARTER EXCHANGE THUS created to finance its Members.

All contribute ten per cent (10%) of the value of

They pledge to perform the work that is pledged to
be performed, to deliver the property, goods, services,
or other assets of equivalent value - if any participant
is unable or unwilling to make good on his promise.

created and operated to absorb the costs of the inevita-
ble losses due to nature's disasters, human mistakes,
weaknesses, failures, crimes, business depressions, and
the costs of recovery from business depressions.

It guarantees every UNIVERSAL UNIT OF BARTER

Every government, every business, financial insti-
tution, foundation, organization, and individual is
asked to contribute to this Fund in the interests of
Universal Prosperity and Peace.

@ Geprright 1906 by the UNIVERSAL ExcHance


5.14 All cash will be deposited with The Treasurer of Gd
The United States of America for purchase of the Bonds

or other obligations guaranteed by The Government or an

Instrumentality of The Government of The United States of

America, or of other participating Nations.

Bio ihSs These Bonds or other obligations will be issued
immediately upon receipt of a claim, in full settlemtnt of
any claim of any Autonomous (self-governing) Branch of

THE UNIVERSAL EXCHANGE. The interest will be paid into the
general funds for the promotinn of THE UNIVERSAL EXCHANGE
work for universal prosperity and Peace.


6. I ask every person to help establish and operate

Activity Centers For Senior Citizens in every one of
the 3,120 Counties and Independent Election Districts in
The United States of America and in similar Districts in
every Nation in the World.

6.1 Here Senior Citizens can supply the wisdon,
experience, knowledge, and unselfishness for instruction
and business management guidance and leadership in these
rebuilding works,

6.2 Here Senior Citizens can have happy, useful lives, So
with fine living quarters, balanced meals, clinic care,
recreatinn, and Peace.


Te I ask every person in the World to write a Peace

Treaty with every other person in the World.

ten What do you want in a Peace Treaty for you?

702 What are you willing to put into a Peace Treaty
for all other people in the World?


8. The sales price of this printed outline is $20.

Please mail your check to The Universal Exchange Publishing
Corporation, 120 West Concord Street, Orlando, Florida 32801,
The United States of America, in fair payment for the help
you have already received from it. You may purchase as
many copies as you need to guide you in forming your own
Autonomous (self-governing) Branch of THE UNIVERSAL EXCHANGE.

re, YOU,
(f by | Cobb lll de “rt @
: Ay (ray Creswell Senior

ie Trustee

© Goprright 1966 by the UNIVERSAL EXcHaNeR
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