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For ALL People

Jay Creswell Senior, Trustee
802 South Summerlin Avenue

Orlando, Florida 32806

The United States of America

The goal and purpose of THE UNIVERSAL EXCHANGE is Universal Prosperity and
Peace — Shalom e pie sy xi oy te Fi tele ’ Beeobwere npoysemaue u wuup "!

Prosperite et Paix Universelle @ in Freedom, Justice, Mercy, Wisdom, Understanding,

Human Dignity, and Love — neutralizing and counter-acting all ignorance and all evil.

September 12, 1966

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.,
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mayor Allen:
Do you want me to come to Atlanta to help you?

An outline of the answers to prayers for wisdom to know
the right answers is enclosed.

Sooner or later you must realize that the hopes of all
our people have been raised by the promises of employment,
decent homes and suitable living environment, and equal
opportunity for education and training, and participation
in all the elements of our society.

A year long study and interviews with every part of the
government discloses that:

1. There is no program, no budget, no appropriation,
no request for legislation, no request for budgets,
and appropriation, and no coordination of all of the
elements of government and business to provide the
jobs, housing, education and equal opportunity for all.

The pattern throughout is to ask for appropriations
to do the job, but to actually plan to take care of
only about ten per cent of the problem - leaving the
90% in poverty, despair, frustration, and anarchy.

Today you have The Federal Reserve System, and the public
officials cutting bsek on jobs, housing, and all the work
to meet the promises and to save this Nation.

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. September 12, 1966 Page 2

Since long before the day when your Father was Chairman
of The Small Business Advisory Committee of The United
States Department of Commerce on which I served in the field
of trying to solve the financial problems of small business,
and minorities - I have been working to head-off this final
show-down and revolution. (About 1945)

At that time - no one would even listen to me. Now more
than 83 Nations are actively working to bring about monetary
reform and the elimination of the monopolies of finance that
opened the way for Communism, and have opened the way for
our present revolution, (But not our Treasury Department)

For every threat, insult, and frustration of your efforts
to solve your Atlanta problem I have a thousand - for I have
found the identical problem throughout our Nation.

It can be solved only by National co-operative efforts to
really do the job that needs to be done.

Atlanta is a good place to start.

Mr. Allen, do you want me to come to Atlanta to help ypu?

Thank you,

Jay Creswell Senior

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