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Sentencing of William James to Life |
February 9, 1967 |

The conviction of William Haywood James for the murder of
Hulet Varner, Jr. is proof certain that all persons are equal before the

law and subject to the demands of the law in the City of Atlanta, Georgia.

On September Il, a few hours after the shooting of the youth,
I reminded the people of this city that Atlanta's efforts which have been
unexcelled by any other American city, to eliminate racial prejudice and
insure the Negro citizen of equal rights and opportunity. This cannot be
accomplished or carried out except under the authority of law and order;
and that these two are inseparable, and neither can succeed without the

This belief was put to ite highest test in this case.

As a result, all citizens of Atlanta can stand a little straighter

and sleep a little easier tonight.

I am instructing the City Attorney to confer with Chief Jenkins
regarding the disbursement of the $10,000. reward which led to the arrest

and conviction of the murderer.

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