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September 21. 1966
Mr . B ob Lynn
Extension Area Manager
East Central N ighborhood Center
4.86 D c tur Street, S. E .
Atlant , G orgia
D ar Bob :
When you and the group from the B o ul var d ection were
in my office one of th p r oblem di scussed was traffic on
th residential tre t in that area .
I am dvi s d by the Traffic Engin ering Dep rtm nt of th
City th t the City Ordinance now prohibits tr ctor trailer
truck from u ing ny of the street which cros Boul vard
xcept P once de Leon Av nue , N o rth Avenue, F rre t
A v nue. Highland Avenu • Irwin Street nd E lgewood
Special Truck Prohibit d ign
re curr ntly placed on
Morg n Str t an W b sh A venu . The Traffic En in ring
D nt 1 now ch eking th physic condltiona of th
ei n• on M -.,rgan Stre t and on Wa.b h Avenue and ill
rran e to install d itional signs on th other a t- et
r sid nti 1 atr ets hich cro s B oul v rd in this r a and
from · hic:h tr ctor trail r
re prohibited in th Ordin nc •
eoon as th eigna re r pl . ced, th Tr !fie En ln erin
Departm nt ill dvlee th .Atl n
Police Dep rtment and
lam ure th P lie D p rtm nt wUl tak appropriate action.
Th Sanitary Dep rtment nd th Health Dep rtm nt r
cooperating ln th rat baitin pro r&m -.vhich
a on ol
the big problem• dbcua ed. I hop that th N l hb rhood
Center can t ke ome action on the su eatl n 1 my
1 tter to Geor e D dd on ptemb r 15.
�Mr . Lynn
Page Two
Septembe r 21 , 1966
Please pa
information along to the committee .
Sincerely yours,
Dan Swe t
DS: fy
cc : M yor Iv an A llen, Jr,
Mr . R . E a rl Lander

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