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Finch Alexander Barnes Rothschild & Paschal
September 30, 1966

Father Theophile Krehel
Urban America-Action, Inc.
2 West 46th Street

New York, New York, 10036

Dear Father Krehel:

In the wake of the racial problems in Atlanta, it appears that we might
well make some progress with a nonprofit housing fund for Atlanta.

It was suggested that a group be organized to establish and administer
a fund which would be an autonomous nonprofit group. This group would
have a certain amount of "seed" money available and would be a source
of information and a catalyst for action in this area by other groups
such as churches and foundations.

The purpose of this letter is to pose certain questions to you to aid us
in moving forward with this program.

1. What sort of Board would you suggest be set up and what size?

2. What shawld be the make up °f the staff and its qualifications?

3. What would &eyearly budget for administration be?

4, How much capital should a fund of this type have available?

5. What assistance financial and otherwise is available from

Urban America?

6. Sinee a part of our program, as we see it, will be rehabilitation,

would this limit Urban America's participation?

At your convenience we would“like to arrange another trip to Atlanta for
you. It is my idea that at that time you would meet with Nayor Allen,
some of the iocal foundation directors and a selected group of community
leaders. Perhaps before such a meeting, we could work out together a
proposal for Atlanta to be presented to the group.

With warm regards -


Ceeil A. Alexander
ec: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr..-—~

Mr. Boisfevillet Jones —
My. James P. Furniss
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