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September 12, 1966
Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr.
Director of Governmental Liaison
City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Dan:
A committee called on me this morning along with representatives
from one of our projects suggesting ways in which our city might
help quieten our people. Rev. Albert R. Dreisbach, Jr. and a
young Negro Baptist preacher were the ones that did most o f the
The first thing they said probably the Mayor should do is to
quit playing the part of a hero. They are afraid he might be
hurt and it could cause a real riot.
They suggested that the Mayor quit telling the m about our great
city and what we hope to accomplish. This calls for a high
degree of reasoning on their part and at the present the people
are acting from emotional upset and fright .
They said the Mayor s hould stop calling on the Summit Leadership
and several l eaders such a _s Re v. Borders a nd Rev. King, Sr. He
claims the young people are not impressed and assume they are
speaking for the white people .
They further sugges t e d that the police try to be less aggressi v e.
�Mr. Sweat
September 12, 1966
They also wanted to know why the Georgia Baptist Hospital was
not used to help the boys in trouble. They also suggested the
Mayor quit blaming all of this on SNCC as there are a lot of
people that also dislike SNCC that are emotionally involved
and the more he persecutes SNCC at this time the more these
people will come to the aid of SNCC. At one time they even
suggested that they wished Carmichael was out of jail.
One of the main ·stories they were fussing about was that two
Grady ambulances came to the rescue of the police but almost
ignored the Negroes that had been shot.
The nex t thing they pointed out is that the Mayor has not
e xpressed great concern about the second Negro that is wounded.
This is what is bothering the community. Some think he has
Frankly , these are things that most anyone could tell y ou, however, when I pressed them for positive things they could only
suggest five ideas which they think may work.
Have the Mayor report often b y TV, radio and newspaper on his concern for the second wounded Ne gro.
Give as much proo f as possible that he is still
doing well, etc.
Have the May or make himsel f available for some of the
members to come in and gripe to him . They feel at
this time some of these people need to ventilate (?)
on t h ei r own .
It would only mean the Mayor would
listen to some o f these peop l e and really let th e m
te l l t he t h e sto ry .
Have t he May or i n vestigate why th e ambul ances did n ot
a rri ve to pick up t he Negro b o ys (i f t hi s is t r ue) .
Try t o p ick up some quick succes s s t o ri es o f t h i ng s
that are b e i n g ac complished right n ow .
Have repo rts come o u t o ft e n o n the det e ctives e fforts
on trying t o find the murderers . Let it b e known by
all the pre ss media that eve ry effo rt is being made .
�Mr. Sweat
September 12, 1966
I realize there is not a thing said here that you are not aware
of already, but since this was the consensus of the group I
thought I would send it on to you.
Under separate letter I am giving you a report on some of the
things we are now doing.
Sincerely yours,
C. O. Emmerich

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