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THE ATLANTA CRISIS - September, 1966

I. The Role of Economic Opportunity Atlanta in the Atlanta Crisis

of September, 1966

A. To furnish services to the residents of target neighborhoods *
in the several fields provided by the Economic Opportunity

B. To use the organized groups affiliated with the program in
identifying the pressing community problems, offering the
existing services, and developing solutions that will con-
vincé. disadvantaged. residents that -publte and private
agencies are concerned with their welfare.

C. To develop feasible emergency programs in relation to
neighborhood councils to meet situations which lead to
civil disturbances and to assist responsible public and
private agencies in meeting these crises.

II. To this end the following Podoimionactons are being made.

A. That an immediate request be made for tse expansion of the

sub-professional staff co include /@00 accic.ional employees
. on a 90-day basis: $750,000.

B. That the Neighborhood Youth Corps Out -of -School Program
be used to recruit youth for service in the emergency.

C. That both so: chese groups be used to organist youth and
adult neighborhood councils.

1. To acquaint residents of the availability of services

of the neighborhood level.

2. To organize them into groups which will identify problems
and initiate the development of solutions with the assistance
of Neighborhood Service Organization technicians and specialists;
day-to-day contact with residents of target neighborhoods,
using volunteers where possible.
30 To work with the police, recreation, public housing,
employment, and other departments and agencies in extend-
dee communications and services in target neighborhoods.
III. To use all aides and NYC enrollees to maintain contact etal develop
communication with residents and exchange pertinent data between
the NSO center and the community.
IV. Use qualified community leaders, P.T.A. groups and ministers not


identified with EOA to maintain communication, ,
V. Use of community school programs in organizimg youth and adult
student groups for lectures, workshops, and forums on citizenship
VI. Weekly meetings of CNACs for continuous planning of community programs
to meet emergency situation.
VII. Development of Long Range Programs in che several fields where known
problems exist with. che genie of a temporary Human Relations program
that will be taken over by the City Government after January 1, 1967:
A. Housing
1. Housing Assistance now in operation by the Atlanta Housing
2. Involvement of Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Junior Chamber of
Commerce, Atlanta Real Estate Board, Empire Real Estate Board,

Atlanta Housing Authority, Housing and Urban Development, Central

Improvement Association and owners of large real estate developments

in a program of elimination of slum housing.
a. Financing the improvement of existing housing.
b. Code enforcement and cooperation of landlords and tenants
in improving or demolishing insatisfactory houetne.
c. Cooperation in clean-up campaigns with the assistance
of city departments; revival of Jr. Inspector Program.
3. Development of homemaker services thru Area Block and CNACs.
B. Employment
1. The top level industrialists would be asked to work with the —
U. 8. Civil Rights Commission and the Georgia State Department
of Labor to establish a Job-rectal taaneevathing program which


would involve:

a. First committments from Parton twelve agencies to agree to
hire Bese persons each, who would have or could be quickly
given thru adult education, minimum skills to fill jobs.

b. Following successfu. training and placement over a period of
sixty days, the number couid be increased gradually each
60-day period to several thousand, by enlisting more firms and
asking them to take on largernumbers.

ec. Institutional, as well as. work training programs under MDT
would be utilized in developing this project.

C. Recreation

1.. The ‘experiences of the 1966 Summer Program would be used to ex-
pand and develop similar projects on a year-round basis.

2. A recreation council might be established composed of representa-
tives from public and private agencies to develop a coordinated
program for the entire community.

D. Education - The Community School Program should be expanded as rapid-

ly as finances, personneland facilities can be made available, with the

the objectives of having every public school to become a community school.


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