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September 14, 1966

Mr. Dupree Jordan

Office of Economic Opportunity
Lol Marietta Street, N. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Dupree:

In order to keep you posted on our problems here in the city

I would like to send you this brief report. Frankly, we feel
now since the white murder suspect has been placed in jail
things will cool off for a while. Probably the most gratify-
ing thing which has come out of this whole situation is the
outstanding leadership which EOA's neighborhood service center
staff and local advisory committees were able to give to our
disadvantaged neighborhoods and our Negro communities. We
have received praise from the Mayor's Office and from the
Negro community leadership. They are still working hard.

Since the beginning of our race disturbance in the City of
Atlanta, EOA through its local advisory committees and its
community service staff has worked long hours trying to calm
the disturbed people in their neighborhoods. The results have
been most gratifying.

Thinking back over all the recommendations that were made it

is crystal clear to me that our citizens living in the areas

of the disadvantaged were treating this disturbance as a special
incident and did not and jcould not properly connect it to the
community's long-range needs or goals.

It seems to be very obvious that the Negro leadership was just
as disturbed and concerned as the whiteleadership. [In fact,
they worked just as hard and probably harder to bring matters

Mr. Jordan —2- September 14, 1966

under control. They were pleased with the Mayor's actions but
were rather vocal in their criticism of the police. They did

not connect the outbreak with our organization or the efforts

being made to help build a better Atlanta.

If you will review the following suggestions which were made
over and over again, I am convinced you will also recognize
that the grass root leadership as weli as tne Summit Leader-
ship was trying to advise how to stop the incident and not to
cure long-range needs. ;

Recommendations for Emergency Action

Ll. A number of youth in the Boulevard area do not approve
of some of the methods being used to call attention to-
grievances, which have resulted in violence. Accordingly,
they have organized themselves into the Boulevard North-
east Youth Council and would like to meet with some responsi-
ble City officials to discuss these grievances.

2. Their immediate concern is in regard to recreation.
Successes evidenced. by the Summer Recreation Program and
_Playlots have inspired them to seek action. Several
vacant lots on Boulevard offer possibilities of being
used for such programs which should include facilities
for dances, games and other types of entertainment.

3. There is considerable concern also about funeral arrange-
ments for Hulet Varner, Jr., the young man who was killed.
The young ‘people feel strongly that the public officials,
as well as the community, should have an opportunity to
join the family of the deceased in a mutual expression of


4. The position of the family, especially the deceased youth's
mother, in being able to provide an appropriate burial is
in question and the interest taken in this matter is of

5. The members of the Youth Council’ would like to have badges
to pin on new members and handbills to pass out which would
show their interest in non-violence and good human relations.

Mr. Jordan -3- September 14, 1966

6. It is recommended that integrated police squad cars be
used in the area.

7. There should be an investigation of the Grady Hospital
ambulance service which is reported to have failed to
pick up the two Negro youths at first but took the white
policeman. The results of the investigation should be

8. Questions are also Heide raised as to why the doors of the
Georgia Baptist Hospital,which is nearby, were not opened
to the Negro victims of the Saturday night shooting.

9. There are also questions as to why there are no reports
on the condition of the second youth, the young man who
‘was shot on Capitol Avenue and continued announcements and
steps taken to bring about justice in both cases. The
arrests of suspects have lessened the tension greatly and
especially the frequent and wide-spread mewscasts in regard

It took a great deal of digging for our local leadership to come
up with long-range corrective measures. Basically they made few
emergency recommendations that have not already been discussed
many times by the local advisory committees, the Citizens Central
Advisory Council and the EOA Board. However, it was plain that
they still believe that their long-range answer to Atlanta's
problem is to build a great city which will give much effort to
accomplish the following. ~

Ll. Cooperation of all major employers to build a city where
equal employment opportunities are a matter of normal
course where every citizen may advance in accordance with
his education, training, experience and ability. It was
clear in every meeting that adequate jobs and job oppor-
tunities were considered probably the most important
recommendations made.

2. That the number and quality of job training courses be
increased so that every unemoloyed person will have the
opportunity for advancement and for a good job.

3. That the Atlanta educational programs continue to improve
so that every person will have an opportunity to remain
in school and to receive quality education in accordance
with his ability.

Mr. Jordan . -4- September 14, 1966

4. That slum housing be abolished with speed and that adequate
housing be available for. all citizens.

5. That all citizens have full and equal opportunities to
participate in all of the community's programs and

6. That Atlanta's services through the United Appeal, the
county welfare program, the county health program, the
state employment service, EOA and others all be continued
and improve so that opportunities may be extended to all
disadvantaged in the city.

EOA's staff is now compiling all the suggestions made to date,
and they will be brought to the attenti f the Citizens
Central Advisory Council this week, probably Friday, for a
final review. After this is done the recommendations of the
council will be submitted to the official EOA Board at its
next regular meeting on September 21. © :

We are doing everything we can to work with, our community
leaders and will keep you informed. As soon as our recommendations
are in hand I will send them to you.

Sincerely yours,

oe f ~
ee ee

Cc. O. Emmerich

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