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L N A, I C.
525 - 4262
September 14, 1966
Mr. Dupree Jordan
Of f ice of Economic Oppo rtun ity
101 Marietta S treet, N. W.
Atlanta , Geo~g ig 30 3QJ
Dear Dupree:
In order to keep y ou pos t ed on o ur prob lems here in the city
I would like to sen d y ou th is br i ef report. F rank l y, we feel
now since t h e white murder suspe c t has be en pl ac e d in jail
things will cool o f f f o r a while . P robably .the - mos t g ratifying thing wh ich h as come ou t o f t his who e situat ion is t h e
outs t an ding leade rsh i p which EOA's neighb orhood servi c e c e nter
staf f a nd local adv isory committees were ab le to give to our
disadv an taged n eighb o rhood s and ou r Ne gro commun iti es . We
h ave rec e ived praise f r om the Ma y or ' s Office and fr om th e
Negro communi t y leade rs h i p. Th ey are s t i..1 1 work i ng ha r d.
Sin c e the begi nn ing o f our r ac e di sturbanc e i n t he ci ty o f
Atlant a, EOA th rough its loca l a d vis o ry c ommittees and it s
community s erv i ce staf f h a s wo rked long hou rs try i ng to calm
t h e d is turbed p e ople in t heir neighb o rhoods. The r e sults hav e
b een mo st g r atifying .
Th i nking b a ck over all the r ecommend a ti o ns t hat were made it
is crystal clear to me t h at our cit izens l iving i n the areas
o f the dis adv antaged were trea ting this d i s tu rb anc e a s a spec i al
i n ciden t and d i d ,not and )Could no t properly c onnect i t to th e
c ommun ity ' s l on g-range needs o r goa ls .
I t se ems to be v ery obviou s th at t~2 Neg ro l eadersh i p wa s just
a s disturbe d and concerned as the whi teleadersh i p . I n fact,
they wo rked j u s t as hard a n d probably harde r to b ring matters
�- - - - - -- -- -- - -- - -- - --------~---- -
Mr. Jordah
·------- ·-~-~---'--- - ---1
September 1 4, 1966
und er control. They were pleased with the Mayor' s actions but
were rather vo cal in their criticism of the police . They did
not connect the outbreak with our organizat ion or the efforts
being made to help b uild a better Atlanta.
If y ou will review the following s ugge stions whi c h were made
over and over again, I am convinc e d :re·, ,,,.:_ 1.. 1 als o recognize
that the grass . root leadersh i p a s w2 ... ... as t . . e Surnmi t Leadership was trying to advise how to stop the in ci den t and not to
cure long-range needs.
Recommendation s for E ergeney Actio
A number of y outh i n th e Boul evard area d o not approve
of some o f the methods being used to call attention to grievan ces , wh ich have resu l ted in violence.
they have organized t hemsel ves into the Boulevard Northeast Youth Counci l and would like to me€ t with some responsible City o fficials to discuss t hese gr ievances.
Their immediate concern is i n regard t o recreation.
Succ esses evidenced . by the Summer Re c r eation Program and
Playlots have i n s pired them to seek a ction .
Sever al
vacant l ot s o n Bou levard offer poss i bil ities o f be ing
us ed for such pro grams which s h ould include faciliti es
for dances , games and other types of entertainment.
There is considerable concern al so a bout funeral a rrangements f or ~ ulet Varner, Jr. , t he y oun g man who was k illed.
The y.:::,-:.;;.~1.9 people feel st r o ngly that the public o f fic ials,
as well a s
the community, s houl~ h ave an opportunity to
join the family of the deceased i n a mutual expressi o n of
grie f .
The positio n o f the family , e specially the deceased y outh's
mother, i n being abl e to provide an appropriate burial is
in questio n and the interest t aken in. this matte-r is of
Th e me mbers of the Youth Council· would lik e to have badg es
t o pin on new members and handbills to pass out which wou l d
show their interest in non-v i o l ence a nd g ood human relations.
-- ,I
Mr. Jordan
_September 1 4 , 1966
It is recommended that integrated police squad cars be
used in the area.
There should be an investigation of t he Grady Hosp i ta l
ambulance service wh ich is reported to have failed to
pick up the two Negro y ouths at first but to ok the white
policeman. The results of t he investigation should be
Questions are also bJi ng raised a s to why t h e doors of the
Georgia Baptist Hospital,wh ich is nearby, were not opened
to the Negro victims of t he S aturday n ight shooting.
Th ere are also q ue stions as to why there are n o reports
on the condition o f the se c ond youth , the y oung man who
was shot on Capito l Avenue and continued announ c ements and
steps taken to bring about justice in both cas e s. The
arrests o f suspect s hav e less ened the tension greatly and
especially the fr equent and wide - spread illewscasts in regard
It took a great deal of digging f o r our local leadership to c ome
up with l o ng- range corrective measures. Basi cally they made few
emergency r e commendat ions that have not already been di scussed
many times by the lo cal adv iso ry commi·c.tees, the Citi zens Centr al
Adv isory Council and t he EOA Board. However, it was plain that
they stil l believe that their long-range answer to Atlanta's
problem is to bu i ld a great city which wil l give much effo rt to
accompli sh th e f ollowi ng.
coop erat ion o f all majo r employers to bLild a ci ty whe re
equal employment opportuni tie s are a matt er of normal
c ou rse where every citizen ma y adv ance i n ac cordanc e with
his e du c ation, training , experi en ce a n d ability.
It wa s
clear in every meeting th at a dequ ate jobs and job opportunities were conside r ed probably t h e most important
recommendati o ns made.
That the number and quality o f job training courses be
increa s ed s o that every u nemployed pe rson will have the
op po rtu n ity for advancemen t a nd for a good job.
Th a t th e Atlanta educat i onal p r o grams co nt i nue to imp rove
so th at eve ry p erson wi l l h a ve an opp o r tunity to rema i n
in s cho ol and t o rec e ive qu ality education in accordance
with his ability .
�------ ----::-.:::!...--=·- _________,
Mr. Jordan
- 4-
Septembe r 1 4 , 1966
That slum housing b e a b olish ed with speed and that adequate
housing be availab l e f or a l l citizen s.
That a ll citi z e n s have · f u l l and equ al oppo rtun iti e s to
p a rticipate in all o f the c ommuni t y' s p r o g rams and
That Atlanta' s services t h rough t h e Un ited Appeal , the
county welfare p rog ram, th e county health pro gram, t he
st ate e mplo yment s e rvice, EOA and oth ers all b e c o nt inu e d
and i mpr o ve s o that oppo~tu nities may be exten ded t o all
di sadvan t aged i n t h e city .
EOA' s s a ff i s n ow compilL g al l the sugge stions made t o dat e,
and t hey will be brough t to the atten t i on of the Citizen s
Cent ra l Ad v is o r y Coun ci l this week, probably F ri day, for a
fi nal review . Af t er t h i s is done the re commend a t ion s o f the
coun ci l wi ll be submitted t o the offi cial EOA Bo ard at i t s
n e x t r egul ar mee ting o n S eptemb e r 21 .
We are do ing everyth i ng we can t o work with. o ur c ommun ity
leaders and wi ll keep y ou informed. As soo n as o ur r e commendation s
are in h and I will send them to you.
Sin c ere l y y o urs ,
C. 0. Emmeri c h
COE : aw

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