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September 12, 1966

Arlie Schardt had two observations:



Mayor will be a fool if he doesn't ban all cameras in the
area - especially TV -- the news coverage is ''egging'' the
people on and exciting them, He and other reporters (he
is sure) would be thankful for being banned - danger
involved, etc. However, they feel they must go in and
cover the story as long as they have not been banned,

Mayor is in increasing danger.

According to the news people, this week is really going to be a bad
week. One reason is because Martin Luther King is in town. He

is holding a meeting tonight and they feel this could be dangerous
simply because of the number of people involved. They feel if the
Mayor could offer him some way to save face without demonstrating
this would help. He needs an out without being labeled ''Uncle Tom".

The ''grass rooters'' made the following observations:



They admire the Mayor for going to the scene.

The Mayor's psychology would be much better if he would
go there and just listen to the people and let them
enumerate their problems. They say he talks to the
people like a step father looking down his nose. He
doesn't talk to them like they are humans. He was very
badly criticized for leaving Foote Street Church yesterday
before the people could talk to him. They say he said
what he had to say and they would not stay and hear them,
saying "he had to go - he was a very busy man and had
things to do".

Complain of police brutality -- very rude to people -- guns -- etc.
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