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On Civil Di sorder in Atlanta, Tuesday, September 6, 1966
The disor.ders in the Summerhill neighborhood in Southeast
Atlanta last evening were the result of a deliberate attempt by certain
members · of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (Snick) to
s:reate an incident of this very nature.
We can be thankful there were no serious injuries.
Some 10
police officers received minor injuries, mostly as a result of tear gas.
Assessment of property damage has not been completed, but
it does n~t appear to be too severe.
Five City police cars were damaged as a result of bricks or
bottles thrown through windows.
Seventy-two arrests were made by the Police Department.
.. '
Conditions at this time indicate that the violence has ended and
calm exists throug_~out the area •.
The Atlanta Police Department is now working two twelve-hour
s hifts until fur,ther notification by Chie f Jenkins.
All off-duty firemen have been placed on alert.
The firem e n <?n duty during the night res ponde d promptly and
e ffici ently to several calls in the are a.
Th e spark of viole nce i gnited b y a fe w r e ckless a nd irrespons ible
indiv i du als t ouche d off a n explosion of civil disorde r that shattered Atla nta's
record of rac i a l amity.


�,, .
. . . . .. -
,, . .
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I m us t again c ommend the members of the Atlanta Police
Department fo r their prompt response and handling of this situation.
The citize ns of A tlanta, and especially the good citizens of SummerhillMecha i:iic sville, can be justly proud of their police officers this morning.
I am not talking from hearsay when I say that every citizen of
A tlanta ow es a debt of wholehearted gratitu?e to our dedicated police
officers, f or I was personally in the thick of the disturbance throughout
those frightful hours of mob hysteria.
No on e need make charges to me about police brutality during
this diso r der, I saw plenty of brutality, but it was being used against the
police officers, not by them.
From what I heard with my own ears and saw with my own eyes
in the center of this melee, I feel certain that hundreds of normally good
citizens were inflamed 5out of their normal senses.
They were victimized
b y those who sought to incite violence.
W@ §inc@rely eppr1rniet@ th@ a§ gf
Cerl Sand~r:~
and the Georgia Department of Public Safety for the backup men and
equipment provided to us.
It is a tragedy that a few irresponsible and misdirected youths
ha v e such utter disregard and contempt for their f ellow man that they
p l a ce the lives and property of innocent citizens in serious jeopardy.
,1.· ~~- -

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